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War inside the Internet II

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Visit to the Technical Supervisory Association

星期三, 一月 22nd, 2014

Like any other German car, my adapted car with its hand throttle and wheelchair loading system has to be inspected by the Technical Supervisory Association every other year.

Usually this is a bit annoying, but this time it was really funny.

The whole story started when I asked if I should drive the car myself into the hall due to the hand throttle.
They insured it wouldn’t be a problem… well then…

It was funny to see the inspector hopping like a kangaroo to the test stand with my car. It wasn’t so easy driving with hand throttle after all.

While I was waiting a display dummy attracted my attention which stood next to the reception desk. It was wearing a t-shirt

Without visible defects, Technical Supervisory Association (TÜV-Hessen)

I was laughing with tears.

Of course I bought such a t-shirt immediately, but when I paid I couldn’t refrain from saying to the lady that my 24 inch aluminium wheelchair rims are not recorded in my identity card ;-)

My car passed the inspection without defects and got its sticker on the number plate.

I assume that the inspector wanted to have a closer look at my wheelchair loading system, otherwise I can hardly explain why I had to drive my car myself out of the hall. Or maybe he didn’t like my hand throttle??? ;-)

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War inside the Internet

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