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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XXVIII

Friday, January 18th, 2013

The medically proven positive effect of hop blossom ice tea, or disdainfully just called beer, is generally known.

“Cold wheat soup” dope

is extensively carried out, especially in Bavaria with state recognition.

If you are not able to remove the crown cap of the medicine bottle any more due to the paralysis of your hands, illness, stroke or too much doping, there is only one thing to help, the


Source of supply of this ingenious aid without medical device number is amongst others

the company

I have already reported about their knife holder (see older blogpost).

Here is a link to other helpful special openers:

Type I bottle / jar opener

Type II bottle / jar opener

2. self-developed technical aid, my medicine bottle opener

Type I canpull opener

Type II can opener

Security advice: Too much doping can influence the driving characteristics of your wheelchair substantially.

Special thanks to Technical Aids Stuntman Ochim, who immediately volunteered to test the opener with video evidence.

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Crazy Flash Part IX

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

It is often claimed that women cannot park and men cannot find the butter in the fridge!!!

I leave this theory uncommented.

After years of intensive studies of human behaviour I came to the statistic, scientifically provable result that women predominantly feel the desire for champagne and wine, whereas men, no matter from which parts of the country they are, can’t resist the temptation of a weiss beer.

The visual similarity of a

weiss beer glass with a Y chromosome

is striking.
I additionally support this theory crystal-clear with the fact that wine and champagne glasses rather resemble an X chromosome.
This evolutionary association is more than obvious.

With this irrevocable fact I strive for reference at the “Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences“ in Stockholm!

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Back from Technical Aids Testing!

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Test reports will follow shortly.

(Deutsch) Hilfsmittel Tipps und Tricks XXVII

Friday, February 4th, 2011


Sometimes you have to be lucky!

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Some days ago I made a ride on my hand cycle.
(see older blogpost, trade hand cycle off for therapy pony).

My wife accompanied me on her bicycle.
I was more than positively surprised that the city of Frankfurt eventually managed to tar the old gravel path on the river Main after centuries.

It was going downstream, the cycle was rolling and rolling…

Unfortunately there is an express highway between the bicycle path on the river and two districts of the city. Because I can’t take the pedestrian bridge with my wheelchair and wanted to go to the street fair in one of the districts I had to ride further until after perceived 20 km, probably really 3 km, there was eventually a traffic light.

I had fairly shot my bolt.

After a bratwurst and a hop blossom ice tea * my motivation for the return ride was shattered.

When I was slowly riding home, I already fancied using the tram, I coincidentally met a former colleague, let’s call him Harald, with his

Didi Thurau – Memory Bicycle.

(translator’s note: famous German road bicycle racer from the 70’s and 80’s)

We had rather the same destination.

He pushed me sitting on his bike!

Without breaks, we reached a top speed of up to
26 Km/h on the 8 km way home.

My electric wheelchair tractive Speedy-Elektro only makes
max. 6 Km/h, otherwise it would need a license plate.

If Harald should have had a license plate???

Thanks again from this side.

Comment of my wife:
I am not used to such a speed any more as I usually roll with perceived 5 km/h behind the hand cycle and my biggest sporty challenge is not to fall from the bike at this “speed”, so that today my muscles are kind of sore for the first time.

*(In a narrower sense, beer is an alcoholic and carbonated beverage which is gained by fermentation mostly from the basic ingredients water, malt and hop). (Source: Wikipedia)

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XIV

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Because of the paralysis of my legs the muscles of my thighs are flagged in such a way, i.e. flat, that they meanwhile form a quite acceptable transport table. The biggest difficulty is just to convince the legs not to drift outside when they are used as deposit for e.g. a bottle of non-alcoholic beer. The dropping rate is considerable. I am not alone with this kind of issue.
Many wheelchair drivers build a rather symbiotic relationship with their knee tray.
I have already seen a self-constructed knee tray coated with green felt, with which at night probably a game of poker is played for the small pension.
So far so good!

At the Swedes with the big yellow and blue shopping bags I have discovered an excellent

knee tray type BRÄDA (new name BYLLAN).

Officially it is a laptop knee table with mobile phone pocket on the side.

The shape nestles ergonomically against my

six-bake belly.

A non-slip reel has to be put on it still!
Safety instruction:
The BRÄDA (new name BYLLAN) is not a medical device.
No liability is assumed for falling parts.
It doesn’t have a medical device number and can’t be prescribed by the doctor. The immense acquisition costs of 14,95 € have to be completely borne by the patient and are not tax-deductible.

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Wheeler’s pint

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Don’t drink and drive

is a matter of course for us wheelers.
A Hessian brewery has now launched the first

Wheeler’s Pint.

Non-alcoholic and isotonic

all what the body needs.

Side effects such as mocking, sneering, head-shaking and chronic taste definition search are guaranteed.
Resemblances and interactions with beer don’t have to be feared.

Isotonic: Sport drinks having the same mineral concentration like body fluids (Source Wikipedia).

Which body fluids do they mean? Yuk!!!

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Quadriplegic Tips Part III

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Everybody who knew me before my accident knows that I have been a rather

”spiritual” person.

In the hospital I wasn‘t able any more to open a bottle of

hop blossom ice tea

(cold beer) due to lack of power.
My colleagues had sympathy with my situation and constructed this special opener type:


The opener is also excellently suitable as extension for Allen wrenches if the screws on the wheelchair are lose again.

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lose sind.

Tetrapack I

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Wir Tetras untereinander bezeichnen uns selbst als
„Teddys“ oder hin und wieder als „Tetrapack“. Da ich
Fußballfan der Eintracht Frankfurt bin, erinnerte ich
mich daran, dass die Eintracht ca.1995 auf ihren
Trikots Werbung für „Tetra Pak“ machte. Diese Trikots
waren ungewöhnlicherweise damals auch noch Leuchtgelb.

Kurz und knapp: Ich brauchte so ein Teil!!!

Wie bekommt man ein über 10 Jahre altes Trikot, dass
damals schon recht selten war, da die meistens Fans die
Traditionellen Eintracht Farben Rot-Schwarz
bevorzugten. Ich hasse es, wenn mir ständig jemand
erzählt, was er in Ebay vercheckt hätte und wie sie
noch den Preis hochgetrieben hätten.
Ist doch normal bekommt man dann zu hören.
Die Ebay- Ausbeute war lau.
Ich habe daraufhin in diversen Fanforen meine Trikotsuche begonnen.
Die Resonanz war beachtlich!
Leider wurden mir fast nur schwarz- rote Trikots
Niemand hatte mir gleich seine Preisvorstellung
genannt, wie ich es eigentlich gewohnt bin!!!
Ich war geplättet.
Sollte es möglich sein, dass man mich einmal nicht
„über den Tisch zu ziehen versucht.“
Es ist kaum zu glauben, ein anderer Eintrachtfan hat
mir sein gelbes neuwertiges Trikot nicht nur geschenkt,
sondern wollte nicht einmal das entstandene Porto
Sein Kommentar: Das Trikot würde ich dir kostenlos
überlassen, wenn ich dir damit einen Gefallen tun kann.
Was das Geld angeht, will ich weder etwas für das
Trikot noch fürs Porto. Aber vielleicht sehen wir uns
mal beim Spiel, dann kannst du ja das Halbzeit-Bier
übernehmen :-)
Was habe ich mich gefreut!
Ich musste das einfach mal loswerden, hilft mehr als
irgendeine meiner anderen 12 Tabletten.