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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XI

Thursday, July 8th, 2010


Many wheelchair drivers with a spinal cord injury are only able to sweat a little bit, or not at all anymore. This sounds rather nice for one moment.
No wet clothes any more, garlic as much as you like, and the deodorant stick dries from non-using in the bathroom cabinet. I also belong to the tribe of the

Antiperspirantians (Non-sweaters).

There is just one hitch:
If it is more than 25° C and I am physically active, or just standing around meaningless in the sun, my body temperature rises constantly.
From 40° C my body decides to leave the wheelchair with a floor transfer.
To counteract this we arm ourselves with a customary

water sprayer for flowers.

I was absolutely convinced that each wheelchair driver concerned would know this, thus I had never mentioned it before, but unfortunately this is not the case!

At the last World Cup pedestrians have constantly borrowed my

thermo sprayer.

It was possibly due to the fact that we covered the roof and the sides of the roofing with black plastic sheets in order to better see the beamer picture.
There were perceived 80° C, but maximum 58°C!
If you have a belt out of Velcro tape you can fix the sprayer to it.

Such a water sprayer is great, but I am warning it’s highly addictive!

Addendum, an ingenious aid: Click on tag “cooling vest and cooling cap“

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Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Meine HaustĂĽrblumenrampe wurde aus 2 Kubikmeter Beton mit reichlich Eisen aus einem StĂĽck gegossen!
Böse Zungen behaupten, die Rampe sichert das Haus gegen Diebstahl ab.

Lasst Blumen blĂĽhen!!!

Die Blumen hat meine Nachbarin gepflanzt.

Schick oder?