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Chock Part XIV

星期一, 三月 9th, 2015


Politics Part I

星期三, 九月 4th, 2013


Signs Part VI

星期一, 八月 26th, 2013


Simply Great Part VI

星期六, 五月 25th, 2013


Eigude Shame XVII

星期五, 六月 22nd, 2012


Eigude Shame Part XX

星期一, 十二月 19th, 2011


Eigude Shame XVIII

星期三, 七月 20th, 2011

Today some innovative ideas of my city Frankfurt/Main!!!

Gully cover

in road construction usually are built kindly with “slots” in travel direction. In this case so that the wheeler can drive into the slots with his front tyres and doesn’t roll away when he is waiting for the lift. Unfortunately it was forgotten to illuminate the “waiting gully”, but this will certainly be realized in the next few days.

We wheelers are happy about every piece of cobble stone. It is better for us than some medication. The jolting supports the digestion at its best.

Thus especially commendable is this

“New Disabled Parking Place”

It was designed according to the latest findings from the handicap area. Please note the joints between the stones which probably were not closed on purpose so that the wheelchair doesn’t roll away when getting out of the car. After getting out you keep “standing” safely next to the car. The different heights of the stones facilitate the car-floor-transfer, because the wheelchair is standing ergonomically on 3 wheels. Especially commendable is that the curbs are on grade neither to the street nor to the pavement, so that curb jumping can be practiced.

The width of the joints exactly match the size of the wheelchair tyres, somebody really took great efforts.

Thank you road traffic department Frankfurt, I am proud of you!!!

Translator BL

Christmas Party 2010

星期五, 十二月 17th, 2010


Eigude Shame Part X

星期六, 十二月 11th, 2010

As wheelchair user you are happy about each lowered curb which is not blocked by a parking car.

The city of Frankfurt/Main has its own ideas about the construction of this curb lowering.

At the riverside with the museums the street and pavement were re-built quite costly.

The rain channel of the street now consists of three rows of cobble stone.

Looks nice, but nothing more. I usually call such spots

“Wheeler’s death”.

You descend the anyway rather high lowered curb, the front tyres get stuck in the joints of the cobble stones, and you empty yourself like a pushcart onto the street.

Thank you Frankfurt!

Translator BL

Eigude Shame Part XI

星期四, 十二月 9th, 2010

The perspective is a bit misleading, but this is a lowered curb with wheelchair catching device.

This new

gully cover

has probably been sponsored by the shoemaker who has his shop in 20 meters distance. The 30 broken heels per day will help him easily through the economic crisis.

(Mörfelder Landstraße / Stresemannallee Frankfurt a.M.)

Now in the winter when the gully cover is covered with snow the profit doubles.

Translator BL

Eigude Shame Part XII

星期三, 十二月 8th, 2010

Dieser extrem steile 
This extremely steep

“lowered curb “

is representatively next to the main entrance of the youth hostel. It has 600 beds and a special wheelchair apartment.

It makes immediately a great impression on each wheelchair using tourist if you need help already at the first curb when you are heading to town. The other side of the street is equally “wheelchair friendly”.

Thank you Frankfurt!

Translator BL