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Quadriplegic Tips Part IX

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

I dare to state globally that there are no

wheelers which are not exempt from paying TV licensing fee

in Germany.
Due to this fact the program is probably that bad. I confess myself guilty as program Grinch.
Never mind.
We quadriplegics probably don’t pay any TV licensing fee just because we don’t manage it anyway to hold such a high gloss TV guide, let alone to pick the magazine up. Therefore it happens again and again that due to lack of knowledge we are watching a

scripted reality show

on private TV, instead of

The love life of grapevine snails

on the documentary channel.

With a big

binder clip


from the stationery shop around the corner, the basic right for

TV program knowledge

should be provided again.
Alternatively I can offer a do-it-yourself course with a hole puncher and a key chain.

Now you shouldn’t miss the next episode of Mc Gyver again.

Translator BL