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Chock Part VI

Friday, March 4th, 2011


A massive deficit with wheelchairs is the missing park distance control which is nowadays part of the standard equipment of most of the cars.

You don’t believe what can be struck (and make it crash) with the anti-tipper at the back of the wheelchair.

According to the latest findings, out of safety reasons drawers should be shut before making a 180° twist with the wheelchair as an unhinging with the wheelchair rucksack is definitely within the realms of reality.


Rather silly if one has already put on his jacket and the wheelchair taxi is waiting outside.

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XXVIII

Thursday, February 10th, 2011


With a height of 2,38 m, width of 1.5 m and depth of 60 cm really a lot fits into a bedroom closet.
(Back in time I transported it as construction kit in my VW Golf 2).

I have quite a couple of shirts.
The bad thing with this closet is that I can’t reach up there anyway with my 1,38 m sitting in the wheelchair. With this depth I don’t see much either what is hidden in there. The attempt to get something out of the closet from behind probably results in an involuntary wheelchair-floor-transfer.
Down in the closet it’s not better either.

With the usual shelves a pile of 15 shirts remains for selection in the end. These fall out of the closet, or you have to rely on your assistant’s taste.
(I don’t like “pink T-shirts”).

The Swedish plywood constructors offer with their

Modular system “Pax”

drawers in the closet.
Now everything is within reach even from a wheelchair and you can also reach the shirts in the back of the closet which are usually inaccessible.

Beware of the polar bear!
(He is watching over me since my accident 2007).

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