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Addendum article Cooling Vest

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks IV

Friday, February 5th, 2010


At the moment everybody is only talking about snow, snow, snow.

Therefore now:

Summer, sun, holiday, heat, heat, heat…

Whenever somebody is lamenting how much too much he is sweating (I knew that well enough), I am introducing my ultimate remedy:

Such a spinal cord injury can work miracles!
(OK that was too hard).

Well, not to be able to sweat any more sounds rather helpful initially, but there is a severe hitch.
E.g. if I am standing in the sun in the summer my body temperature is rising constantly and rising and rising…
So far I could avoid something worse happening.

Water, water, water …

Such a water sprayer for flowers is tailor-made as medical device, but quite bulky and falls constantly off one’s knees.
After longer research, a battery-operated

“hand fan with integrated water sprayer”

has flown to me.

Typically one should apply for a medial device number for this thing.
Then the fan would probably cost 265,23 €.

To prevent price rigging I reveal the source of supply only personally under:

Translator BL