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Wheelchair Zumba

星期四, 十二月 27th, 2018


Simply Great Part VI

星期六, 五月 25th, 2013


Eigude Shame XVII

星期三, 七月 13th, 2011

My suspicion is that construction engineers compress their planning to the most confined space not because building sites are so expensive, but only for that reason because they would otherwise need to print another piece of paper!

Everybody knows it, when you are writing a letter on the PC and the text doesn’t fit onto one page, you also try with smaller line spacing and font to squeeze everything onto one page.

In a building in the neighbourhood a new emergency stair case with new entrance area was built in the record-breaking time of two years.

They have taken much effort that the residents of the neighbouring houses will still remember the reconstructions years later.

I was positively surprised that on the side of the entrance a small

Outside lift for wheelchairs

was built. Great thing because in this building there are living also many old and frail people who may need a wheelchair in a couple of years.

We generously overlook the stair on the left with which the waste disposal is made a little difficult for us “travelling people”.

I am actually not concerned any more, but how can you construct such an extremely

Steep Stairway.

The stairs are very high and consist even out of polished granite. The lady on the picture had greatest difficulties to climb the entrance with her walking stick. There would have been more than enough space to front for the stairway construction, but as mentioned probably the paper was too small. The guy who is responsible for the construction of this stairway should be accused for attempted injury.

After the next winter the fresh wheelers due to a downfall from the stairs will probably queue in front of the outside lift!!

Translator BL

Bremskeil I

星期四, 十一月 26th, 2009

Es wurde soeben die Wartung an meinem Treppenlift beendet.

Ich wollte mir von dem Techniker anhand der Bedienungsanleitung nochmals die


erklären lassen.
Schon ein bisschen blöd, wenn man mit dem Rolli zwischen Parterre und 1. Stock im Treppenhaus herum steht und die Nachbarn sonntags Lindenstraße sehen wollen und nicht in ihre Wohnung kommen!
Ich habe zwar alle Schaltpläne, aber wie ich von dem Ding wieder vernünftig herunterkomme steht da nicht.
Die Beschreibung, wie man im Notfall den Aufzug mechanisch herunterkurbelt wurde anscheinend vergessen !!!
Na ja, vielleicht kommt Harry Houdini vorbei und die Sache klärt sich von alleine.