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星期日, 一月 1st, 2017


It’s all a question of hardware…!!!

Today I was on tour with my Minitrac (see older blogposts) for the first time in the snow.

With its tractor tyres it is a perfect technical aid.

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Chock Part XV

星期一, 十月 31st, 2016


Addendum Chock Part XIV

星期三, 六月 1st, 2016

Already home for four weeks …!!!

As already reported, after taking a shower in March at home the titanium body of my implanted drug pump suddenly peeped out of my belly. It broke through the abdominal wall and I had to sign myself into the hospital again – after only three weeks of “Home” – Holiday (see older blog).

This time I was in the room next door at the same station as three weeks earlier; they still knew me there.

One could have the impression that I like this hospital food. I do not know what you eat for dinner, but this chef salad that is served every evening as an alternative selection is delicious. We can therefore say that the food there is quite good.

After several days of unsuccessful attempt to change back to oral drugs to eventually get rid of the pump completely, the old and no longer sterile pump including lines was taken out. For two weeks an external pump supplied the meds until in a second surgery a new pump including lines between the vertebrae into the spinal canal was implanted – again at the left side.

(Not bad, that dope!)

Nevertheless, the visits from the hospital pastor, various anesthesiologists and several nurses in the intensive care station, who still knew me from eight years ago, got me thinking.

This pump change or better yet new installation required another five weeks of bed rest, but they went without major complications.

Now I am back home for four weeks and I am already looking forward to the empty batteries in 7 years. That is when I will receive a new pump and new scars. I hope that the location of the pump does not need to be changed. Otherwise, above and below the navel there is still some space left.

When I look at the numerous scars on my neck, belly and back, I should probably reconsider my desired profession as a top model.

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Eigude Shame XXIX

星期日, 四月 24th, 2016


Chock Part XIV

星期日, 四月 10th, 2016

You may well believe that I currently have become lazy about writing, or suffer from writer’s block. This is not the case, I have enough material, but I also have a relatively good excuse.

When I finally came home mid February after seven months of hospital-hopping, my implanted drug pump (see older posts) decided without asking me to escape from my body through the abdominal wall. And that after only three weeks of “homeland” holiday!

Over the years the skin around the scar got so thin that on March 5th after a shower at home the titanium body of the pump suddenly became visible from the outside. Boy, would I have liked to see my facial expression at that moment! The silver lining doesn’t always have to be at the horizon and a silver wire is not likely to grow out of the belly!

There I was with my non-sterile implant.

I immediately decided at the cost of my health insurance company to rent a hospital bed again. Maybe they haven’t changed the linens from my old bed?

I have always wanted to dial “112″.

It’s silly, but ultimately it’s just a laceration. Now I’m in the room next door.

It took two surgeries to replace the pump and the attached line that goes to the spinal canal and move it to the other side. After nearly five weeks in the hospital bed I’m finally back in my wheelchair.

What an uplifting feeling to finally have WiFi again in the sitting room and not bother the other fellows with my voice control. Although I’m back with my training where I left three months ago but I’d say:

“It could have been worse”

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Technical Aids Tips und Tricks XLVI

星期三, 二月 24th, 2016

It is due to the small fouls that wheelers are exposed every day to new challenges. You are blocked in from the side so that you can’t get into your car anymore, during cleaning the toaster is moved back to the wall, or the installation CD is put out of reach on the cupboard. My last week’s highlight was a beeping smoke alarm because the battery was empty when I was lying in my bed. All this is causing an uncontrollable neuron tornado in my head.

Among my favourites are open windows.

In the summer it’s getting warm and in winter quite cold, if the heater below is not running on full power which I can’t reach either.

There are definitely more important reasons to ring at the neighbour’s door than asking them to close an open window. Grrrrrrrrr…

The do-it-yourself store with 20% on everything except for the parts you really need offers a

Hobbit & wheelchair window closer

„almost“ usable in their assortment. However, small construction work needs still to be done.

Just take:

  • min. 1 meter aluminium pipe, thickness 12mm
  • 1 meter aluminium flat bar 15m x 1mm
  • 30 cm hose inner diameter 10mm- 12mm
  • 2x screw M4 x 25mm
  • 2x screw-nut, self-locking M4
  • 1x drill 4 mm with drive mechanism
  • Construction tools for screwing, or a set of healthy teeth ;-)

Cost of material ca. 10,00€

Saw the aluminium bar in ca. 2x 36 cm long pieces and pull the hose on one of the pieces.

Drill a 4 mm hole into all sides of the aluminium bars and the pipe centered with a space of 15 mm from the edge.

Bend the aluminium bar with hose oval e.g. using a bottle and bolt it two-sided with screw and screw-nut on one end of the pipe. This is going to be the window side.

The other aluminium bar is going to be the handle. This can be formed according to hand function or artistic freedom oval, square, round or even heart-shaped, main thing is that the bolting on the pipe is not forgotten.

(My white Vespa scooter from 1992 in the picture below with kick starter is looking for a new master!)

The operating mode of the window closer should be comprehensible, but could on special request be explained personally under phone number 00907/40059449665 for only ( €/min) by “Bernd das Brot”. (Translator’s note: Reference is made to a satirical sketch to spoof call-in shows on TV, (see also other blogpost).)

All open windows can be closed again now.

And how to open them we will learn tomorrow!!!

The certified re-constructor is obligated to send to the Rollinator a Chilli Pizza online.


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Chock Part XV

星期五, 二月 19th, 2016


Chock Part XIV

星期一, 三月 9th, 2015


Addendum I capitulate…!!!

星期二, 九月 16th, 2014

Es geschehen noch Wunder…!!!

Ich hatte in den letzten Jahren bereits mehrfach über eine viel zu kurze, sehr steile und daher recht gefährliche

Behelfsrollstuhlrampe aus Holz

in der Riedhofschule Frankfurt/M berichtet.

Über diese Holzrampe ärgere ich mich bei jeder Wahl seit 2008 da sie in mein zuständiges Wahllokal führt. Ich hatte immer wieder die Wahlhelfer angesprochen, da passierte aber nix, worauf ich sogar vor der Europawahl 2014 das Wahlamt angeschrieben (siehe älteren Beiträge).

Eine sehr nette Mitarbeiterin das Wahlamtes hielt mich über den Neubau einer Rampe auf dem laufenden…ähh…fahrenden, oder so.

Seit letzter Woche ist sie fertig, eine normgerechte, nicht steiler als 6% fest montierte neue ca. 5 Meter lange

10 Punkte Eisen-Alurampe mit Geländer

Als ich Fotos machte, kam ich mit dem dortigen Hausmeister Herrn Schmidt ins Gespräch, der mir erzählte, dass er auch seit geraumer Zeit für eine neue Rampe gekämpft und sie in einer Schlosserei auch beauftragt hat.

Eigude Shame Part XXV

星期四, 七月 31st, 2014


Crazy Flash XXI

星期五, 十一月 22nd, 2013


Addendum Simply Great Part VI

星期二, 六月 4th, 2013


Simply Great Part VI

星期六, 五月 25th, 2013


Eigude Shame XXIV

星期日, 一月 27th, 2013

It is always interesting how my environment is making an effort that my blood pressure doesn’t permanently remain at a low level.

Recently I wanted to go, as it is a Hobbit tradition, to a Punch and Judy show, or rather a show of the Kikiriki Theatre (puppet theatre for adults) in the “Union-Halle” in Frankfurt.

I drove with my car until the gate of the Union premises and asked the gatekeeper (since I am in the wheelchair even gate keepers are usually quite friendly) for admission onto the premises, hoping that I could park near the hall entrance.

He refused in spite of several requests and relegated me to the quite new Union car park which would be located at the rear side of the former brewery ground.

At last a conscientious employee who consequently adheres to his guidelines. He exemplified “Inclusion”, nobody was privileged, to say:

“You’re not coming in!”

I asked him several times if there are disabled parking places. The disabled parking permit behind the windscreen and my wheelchair behind me in the car could hardly be ignored.

When I stood in front of the car park I had to discover with surprise that steel brackets were raised on the two disabled parking places in front of the car park.

It is a mystery to me how you turn down the brackets, maybe I should have tried it with the European disabled toilet key, or with the password “Little bracket duck yourself!”

I don’t know…, I surely don’t have to get out of the car before, any ideas? Please write a comment.

If I have seen it correctly there are two stairs at the entrance/exit of the new car park, these are nice to look at for a wheelchair user like me, but the usage of the car park is therefore very limited.

I found a suitable parking place on the other side of the street.

After I got out of the car at last and sat in my wheelchair again I missed a lowered curb nearby.
I rolled on the street to the alleged rear entrance of the Union premises which wasn’t exactly safe, there my wife helped me over the curb between the parking cars.

Then… I stood in front of it,… a beautiful steep concrete staircase with seven stairs, I was quite speechless, and this happens very rarely.

I could imagine that the usage of the staircase with the missing handrails has already caused difficulties for some partially walking disabled guest of the “King Kamehameha Club” which is located on the same premises ;-)

I assumed that there might be an underground access from the car park to the premises, why the gatekeeper should have sent me there otherwise? This was not the case.

In the end my called-up companions (we were a group with theatre tickets) carried me up the stairs. I hate these soaring flights…!!!

I spared myself to point out to the gatekeeper his “great advice” with the car park. Was probably better for both sides.

When I finally stood in front of the entrance of the hall I wasn’t too surprised about the aluminium ramp because I had used it once four years ago, however I was hoping that it maybe had flattened a bit in the meantime…

The ramp winter service probably had its company holidays this week, otherwise the ice and snow on the 25° ramp (max. 6% gradient are normal) are not explicable.

With combined pushing efforts I arrived upstairs at the entrance after all.

It reminded me a bit of a ski jump!

After this precedent “expedition” my laughter to the jokes in the theatre was a bit more modest. I was thinking already about my way back.

After the show my companions decided with me that it would be saver to carry me down the entrance stairs instead of using the “jump” again.

With such training conditions we should consider to introduce wheelchair ski jumping at the Paralympic winter games!

A contact approach with a person in charge is in process ;-)

Click on tag “ramp” to read other nice stories.

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Crazy Flash XVIII

星期一, 一月 7th, 2013