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My “luminaries” from the medical supply store

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011


Everybody who knows me better knows that it is almost impossible to silence me without threat of brute force.

Yesterday it was about time again:

Call at the medical supply store:

Ring, ring..

Hello, here medical supply store Deliverix*, my name is Ignorix*!

Good afternoon, my name is Löw (that’s my real name), may I talk to Ms Compressi* please?

Just a moment, (waiting loop: please hold the line, please hold the line…)

Ms Compressi* is at lunch…, what’s the matter?

I would like to know if my delivery is on its way!

Why didn’t you just say that, what’s your name?
(Her tonality was quite snappy.)


Lo, Lö , Loe, what’s your name?…

Löw, like the coach of the German national football team!

Löw, the name reminds me of something… (national football coach???)

Löw, I don’t know…, I don’t know… what is your first name?


Löw, Löw… there was something… just a moment, (please hold the line…)

My PC today… Löw, Löw, I know the name… (please hold the line…)

Your delivery is on its way!

Now I know why I know your name:

I have packed your parcel!!!

I could still utter a “Have a nice day”, then my head sunk slowly onto my desk.

Today I was quite surprised that the correct goods were in the parcel. Usually this is packed by weight. Therefore the delivery note was missing today. So what…

*Names were falsified!

Translator BL

Wheelchair Tuning Part XX Competitor

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011


Ugliest offroad wheelchair of all times, with twin tyres

type bush hospital

Source: (BST)

Racing wheelchair type:

Pimp my ride with plush dice

and the legendary electric wheelchair from Meyra:

Blue Tank 3.037

Original price of the “Blue Tank” in 1997 reportedly around 25.000 DM

If you have any pictures of freaky wheelchairs, send them to me!

E-Mail like usual to:

Translator BL