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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks LVIII

星期四, 二月 23rd, 2017

Each person in a wheelchair knows that feeling when faced with a steep staircase in a single family home and don’t know how to get up to the first floor or down to the basement, because rarely is there an elevator.

The installation of a wheelchair monorail is even possible in narrow stairwells.

Have you seen this in action?

You attach two straps of the rail on the front of the wheelchair (Rolli); at the rear you hang the rods over the two sliding handles of the Rolli.

You are pulled up by motor and float like a little angel through the stairwell .

(For bigger, click on the picture.)

The reel or track of the cable can be easily mounted in any stairwell..

You will be able to get up and down on your own by remote control.

This device is build by the Högg Company, Hö from Switzerland.

I have learned that the company LeOba in Reutlingen, also builds such lifts.

He has his monorail now 8 years in use

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks LVII

星期二, 二月 21st, 2017

Nicht einmal drei Monate bis zum Start der Mopedsaison!

Viele Rollifahrer fahren Trike.

Ein Freund von mir, der auch querschnittsgelähmt ist, fährt ein

Can-Am Spyder Roadster – Trike

Bei diesem Fahrzeug des kanadischen Herstellers Bombardier Recreational Products
befindet sich die Zweiradachse vorne.

(Zum Vergrößern aufs Bild klicken.)

Natürlich mit Handsteuerung.
Ob da auch ein Schalter ist, mit dem man das Mittagessen bestellen kann?

Seinen Rolli hat er immer mit dabei, den kann er auf den Kofferraum schnallen.
Dies ist ein vom TÜV abgenommener Eigenbau. So kann man auch gemeinsame Ausfahrten genießen.

Da staunen die Autofahrer schon nicht schlecht, wenn der um die Ecke kommt ;-)

Not planned and ever so reluctant!

星期四, 二月 16th, 2017


Simply Great Part VIII

星期二, 二月 14th, 2017

As previously reported, in October a new front door got installed (see older blog.) The new door now has a 3 cm high sill, even though it was known that I am a wheelchair user. I ordered and paid for a power remote control to open the door, but still was not able to make it to the entrance by myself. The floor at the entrance used to be leveled.

OK, this was totally my fault! How could I order an electric door opener without mentioning that I would like to leave the house once in a while, duh ;) Contract properly fulfilled. Set six!

After only seven weeks the electrical door opener eventually started working – just in time for Christmas, yay!

Such quality work I have experienced quite often in recent years. Are there really no more professionals? Have they become an extinct species? I maintain that our former service team still consisted of highly professional people!

Since the manufacturer of the door did not provide anything to overcome the threshold (this would be unthinkable in the USA), I had to order a fitting aluminum plate on the Internet.

My former colleagues immediately agreed to prepare and drill for installation. It looks so simple, but it really isn’t. The difficulty lies in the detail. During the briefing I already felt like being back at work – before the accident in 2007; we certainly spoke the same language.

Within a week they had those plates properly installed – couldn’t go/roll any better!
Never was I put off or did have to call after them – they just did it!

During the installation in record time I almost cried tears for joy! Everybody knew exactly what they were doing and they also brought the right tools along.
Thanks again, you guys are great!

You see, they are still around, those professionals! Only to find them is harder than a scavenger hunt at jungle camp.

Also many thanks to all my neighbors for their approval to allow me to do all these necessary modifications – in particular the installation of the stair lift and the rail at the house in 2008 (see older blog.).

Now I am only waiting, actually since May 2016, for a light to be installed next to the ramp at the front door. Meanwhile I have changed electricians. Maybe the “enlightenment” is going to happen this year 

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