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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XXIII

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

Frontpage I have introduced in an older blogpost

remote-controlled electrical sockets

as useful technical aid. I am using these things for years to switch my

Christmas Tree lighting

on and off. Since a couple of weeks my living room lamp gets switched on by a ghostly hand. I think it’s quite funny, a neighbour is probably using the same frequency!

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks V

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010


It is always a little difficult to switch on and off electric devices sitting in a wheelchair.

There are always missing the commonly known 2 cm.
Not 1 cm, or 5 cm?
There are always 2 cm.

I have the theory that this results from mass inertia, momentum and black holes.

Here is the solution:

remote-controlled electrical sockets!!!

A remote-controlled Christmas Tree lighting is quite nice.

(see other blogpost)

Radio coverage allegedly until 25 m. (Probably only at full moon on April 1st).

You can get regularly special offers for a pack of 4!
(15 €, not much more.)

If you buy the pack of 4 twice from the same manufacturer, you should change the radio frequency with the little DIP switches, (in German) also known as

mice piano


It might happen otherwise that the toilet light is switched on together with the coffee machine.

Well, maybe not so bad after all… let’s think about it again…

It is not complicated to change the switches.
Every quadriplegic who manages it should get a piece of cake or two from his occupational therapist.

Serious safety instruction:
Please always consider the max. switching power, around 1000 watt.
Never connect an electric heater, around 2000 watt!!!
The switches get hot and might start burning.

I have experimentally connected an electric heater, the electrical socket didn’t survive!!!

Should there be any difficulties with playing the keys (setting the switches) I am at your disposal as professional ”piano tutor” .

Have fun with the piano lesson.

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