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Annual Review 2018 – Part 1

星期一, 十二月 31st, 2018

Wenn es mir langweilig wird,  gehe ich zum Arzt,… oder gibt es da noch mehr?


Leider war ich schon länger etwas schreibfaul. Mittlerweile werde ich schon als Profi-Patient bezeichnet.

Neben zahlreichen Besuchen bei meinem Hausarzt und diversen Spezialisten wie HNO, Lungenfacharzt, Phoniator, Urologe und diversen Krankenhausbesuchen habe ich regelmäßige Physiotherapie- und Logopädie-Termine und muss mich um die Verordnungen aller Art für Medikamente,Hilfsmittel, Therapien und Rollstuhlreparaturen kümmern.

Zu allem Überfluss hatte ich mit meinem Handbike im September noch eine Kollision mit einem Linienbus (unverschuldet), bei der ich mir erstens die Hand brach und zweitens mein Rolli seitdem nicht mehr geradeaus fährt. Ich schlage mich seitdem mit Krankenkasse und Sanitätshaus wegen einer Rollstuhlreparatur herum und warte immer noch (!) auf die Lieferung und Einbau der Ersatzteile.

Und als wären meine speziellen medizinischen Belange noch nicht genug, schnitzte man mir Anfang des Jahres im Gesicht herum, und Ende des Jahres brach mir ein Stück Zahn ab.


Dieses Jahr waren es immer nur ein paar stationäre Tage im Krankenhaus.

Man muss nicht zwingend Fußballer sein um in dem Kaisersaal vom Römer in Frankfurt eingeladen zu werden.

Es wurde erst nach zwei Wochen festgestellt, dass die Hand zweimal gebrochen war.

Dennoch gibt es tatsächlich noch ein Leben außerhalb der Medizin! Und ich lasse mich durch nichts davon abbringen, daran teilzunehmen.

Ich war dieses Jahr wieder bei zahlreichen Konzerten, im Stadion bei „meiner“ Eintracht (Pokalsieger), beim Essen & Trinken, bei mehreren Comedy-Veranstaltungen, ich war im Theater, Kino und im Museum, außerdem war ich im Urlaub, und Zumba-Tanzen habe ich auch gelernt.
Vom Zumba-Tanzen habe ich ja bereits berichtet, der Rest folgt noch…

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, ….

星期二, 七月 12th, 2016

This is by far the hardest blog I’ve ever written in 8 years. Words cannot express my gratitude!
One year ago today on July 12th, 2015 I barely escaped from the jaws of death.

When I add up everything, that my body came up with (see older blog), it comes to 44 weeks in 4 different hospitals in the Rhine/Main area since July last year.
Although I’m now starting almost where I was eight years ago when I became paralyzed in an accident I won’t complain too much, because I am glad that I am still here at all. (5 % probability of survival is not very much.)
You really don’t want to know everything. There are so many diseases and I am not keen on learning the Latin language this way. From now on, my hand stays down, even if I have to attach a stone to it.

At this point I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude especially to my wife, my parents, my brother, my mother-in-law, the rest of my entire family, the nurses and caretakers, doctors, therapists of the BGU hospital unit K3/K8 and the intensive care unit of the North-West Hospital also in Frankfurt am Main and to all other friends and acquaintances who thought of me, took care of me and still do helped me to get back to life.
At night I had a lot of time to think, and I don’t know how I would have managed without you. One night can be quite long.
I have not enough words to express my gratitude. There is still a long way to go, but keeping my positive attitude and training zeal I will not disappoint you. That I can promise!
Since Friday, July 1st 2016 I am now permanently at home again.
Hopefully, this was my last blog about diseases for the next seven years, when my medi pump has to be replaced again. This topic will be banned from the blog as far as possible.
Even though I’m repeating myself:

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

that you were there for me throughout the past year and still are now.

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Addendum Chock Part XIV

星期三, 六月 1st, 2016

Already home for four weeks …!!!

As already reported, after taking a shower in March at home the titanium body of my implanted drug pump suddenly peeped out of my belly. It broke through the abdominal wall and I had to sign myself into the hospital again – after only three weeks of “Home” – Holiday (see older blog).

This time I was in the room next door at the same station as three weeks earlier; they still knew me there.

One could have the impression that I like this hospital food. I do not know what you eat for dinner, but this chef salad that is served every evening as an alternative selection is delicious. We can therefore say that the food there is quite good.

After several days of unsuccessful attempt to change back to oral drugs to eventually get rid of the pump completely, the old and no longer sterile pump including lines was taken out. For two weeks an external pump supplied the meds until in a second surgery a new pump including lines between the vertebrae into the spinal canal was implanted – again at the left side.

(Not bad, that dope!)

Nevertheless, the visits from the hospital pastor, various anesthesiologists and several nurses in the intensive care station, who still knew me from eight years ago, got me thinking.

This pump change or better yet new installation required another five weeks of bed rest, but they went without major complications.

Now I am back home for four weeks and I am already looking forward to the empty batteries in 7 years. That is when I will receive a new pump and new scars. I hope that the location of the pump does not need to be changed. Otherwise, above and below the navel there is still some space left.

When I look at the numerous scars on my neck, belly and back, I should probably reconsider my desired profession as a top model.

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Eigude Shame XXIX

星期日, 四月 24th, 2016


Chock Part XIV

星期日, 四月 10th, 2016

You may well believe that I currently have become lazy about writing, or suffer from writer’s block. This is not the case, I have enough material, but I also have a relatively good excuse.

When I finally came home mid February after seven months of hospital-hopping, my implanted drug pump (see older posts) decided without asking me to escape from my body through the abdominal wall. And that after only three weeks of “homeland” holiday!

Over the years the skin around the scar got so thin that on March 5th after a shower at home the titanium body of the pump suddenly became visible from the outside. Boy, would I have liked to see my facial expression at that moment! The silver lining doesn’t always have to be at the horizon and a silver wire is not likely to grow out of the belly!

There I was with my non-sterile implant.

I immediately decided at the cost of my health insurance company to rent a hospital bed again. Maybe they haven’t changed the linens from my old bed?

I have always wanted to dial “112″.

It’s silly, but ultimately it’s just a laceration. Now I’m in the room next door.

It took two surgeries to replace the pump and the attached line that goes to the spinal canal and move it to the other side. After nearly five weeks in the hospital bed I’m finally back in my wheelchair.

What an uplifting feeling to finally have WiFi again in the sitting room and not bother the other fellows with my voice control. Although I’m back with my training where I left three months ago but I’d say:

“It could have been worse”

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Zur Startseite

Greetings from the Training Camp

星期日, 十一月 22nd, 2015


Addendum Technical Aids Tips and Tricks LXI

星期二, 二月 24th, 2015


Technical Aids Tips and Tricks LXI

星期二, 一月 20th, 2015


Technical Aids for Quadriplegics Part XIII

星期三, 六月 25th, 2014


Speedpost part II

星期五, 三月 21st, 2014


Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XXXI

星期五, 十月 11th, 2013


Addendum Eigude Shame XII

星期二, 五月 7th, 2013

5 months ago, I have already posted about a “disabling”, new disabled toilet in a hospital (see older blogpost).

At that time, I criticised among other things that nobody had unwound the emergency cord.

It is rather bad when you are lying on the floor after a wheelchair-floor-transfer while trying to transfer from wheelchair to toilet and then your are not able to reach the alarm.

In case of emergency you can’t open the door from the inside either because wisely the door lock is mounted at 1,50 m. Probably designer model “Dirk Nowitzki”.

I am not so experienced about industry standards in the area of accessible building, but I would be surprised if such a high installation height of a door lock is allowed. Whereas… the thought is not so far off…!!!

Even wheelchair test person “Detective” had difficulties with the door lock!

I had pointed out the “trifle” with the emergency cord already several times, but it had not been unwound within 4 months anyway. I couldn’t reach the knot up there, otherwise I would have done it myself.

When I complained at a therapist – let’s call her “Work-out” – on 22.04.2013 again about the emergency cord with the Gordian knot she immediately took care of the problem and unknotted the cord. Thanks again from this side.

The appearance of the tetra pot belly had to be alienated out of proprietary reasons.

As you can see on the next picture, there are other disabled toilets in this hospital with door locks in Hobbit height.

Actually it’s my own fault… I am too small… If I really make an effort I might still grow a bit and can then reach the 1,50 m door lock…!!

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Eigude Shame XXII

星期四, 十二月 20th, 2012

Sad, sad, sad…!!!

When I saw this new disabled toilet in a hospital I started thinking a little and got my camera first of all.

This toilet is disabling!!!

I consider the equipment and construction, described in friendly words, as unfortunate solution and declare this disabled toilet to be the patient.

It all starts that hardly any wheelchair user can lock the sliding door from the inside because the lock is mounted quite high. This is also possible in a different way, see older blogpost.

The transfer from wheelchair to toilet would be quite painful if not dangerous because no second handle is mounted next to the toilet. I don’t know the official regulation, but I consider two handles in a hospital disabled toilet as a matter of course.

The toilet paper holder is currently out of work. The paper roll was probably thrown into the toilet or taken away for handicrafts by the last guest because not even a dustbin is at hand.

Considering the distance to the wall, the fishing for toilet is paper is a bit tricky anyway…!!!

Maybe with some physiotherapy the new toilet paper roll under the toilet might be reachable without involuntary floor transfer.

I don’t know if the fact of

anticipated grossly negligent non-assistance

exists, but this is the case here.

A not unwound emergency cord is not acceptable for me. I would have unwound it, but I definitely can’t do it with my motor functions…!!!

It is also possible in a different way. In the pool shower in the wheelchair hotel Mar y Sol in Tenerife (see older blogposts) several emergency buttons are ideally mounted on ground level.

My friend said, when I am not able to lock the door anyway it is not necessary either to reach the emergency cord when I am lying on the floor.

I would just need to crawl to the door and wait for the next patient.

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New translations: All around my broken leg!

星期五, 四月 6th, 2012

Click on the picture to read the complete story around my

broken leg!

Now all related blogposts available in English!

Shinbone fracture possibly last part

星期一, 四月 2nd, 2012

After another X-ray of my leg it was medically confirmed that from a pure orthopedic point of view nothing stands in the way of walking, jogging and running in homeopathic dosage.

X-rays from 06.09.2011 / 29.09.2011 / 08.11.2011 / 15.12.2011 / 28.03.2012

More fractures are currently not planned.

The only positive aspect from the permanent X-rays since September is that I meanwhile have an inner glow and can use my right knee as reading lamp and headlight for night-time trips.

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