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Medical Device Quiz Part I

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011


The technical aids and medical devices market is glutted with more or less reasonable parts in function and design.

This quite special

wheelchair user hanger


has an official medical device number.

Alternatively also a clothes hanger can be used !

For which intended purpose has this part been produced?

What would you do with it?

How much could that cost?

Any ideas?

Be creative, and please leave a comment!

Tip #1: Has something to do with clothing!

Tip #2: Read Robo’s comment*, that will help for sure! :-)


* Robo’s comment:
I have such a hanger myself, it was strongly recommended to me when I was in rehab. It is definitely more clothes-gentle than the clothing hanger technique.
In the meantime it is a real multifunctional tool. It is excellently suitable to temporarily store jackets or bags at wheelchair handles, door handles or sink edges.
It is also usable to pick up fallen down keys, bent beverage cartons from the upper shelf in the supermarket over the edge or stop toddlers from running away. It is almost unbeatable as back-scratcher, but likes to entangle itself in the hem of the undershirt.
For the originally intended purpose I use, since I am wearing stretch trousers only, the natural trouser waistband stopper which is sitting directly below the catheter insertion pipe.

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