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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks VIII

Friday, April 2nd, 2010


Everybody who knew me before my accident should still remember that I was a quite good dancer.
The thought would have been absurd that I would ever acquire a

dancing pole

for my own four walls,
especially because classic ballet was none of my favourite dancing styles.
Now as passive dancer I have let me built a

stainless steel pole

and fix it to the wall.
However the intended use of this pole is different.
I place myself with my

race wheelchair

next to my

standing device
(this is not a wheelchair)

and transfer over with my dancing pole and slide board and with the help of unnamed volunteers.
Now I’m buckled up, and I am

„standing on my own two feet again“.

Good that I am not on the picture, so at least you can’t see my pot belly.

Translator BL