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Wheelchair Tuning Part XI

星期三, 六月 30th, 2010

Aus gegebenen Anlaß, draußen sind es derzeit um 10:08 Uhr bereits 25,4° mal was aktuelles.

Da ich mit meinen Fingern kaum zugreifen kann, ist es mir nur möglich, meinen Rolli zu bewegen, indem ich mit den Händen gegen die Greifringe/Greifreifen der Laufräder drücke und diese dann nach vorne schiebe.
Dies ist für mich ausschließlich mit gummierten Greifreifen möglich, es sei denn man schiebt mit den Speichen, was doch etwas lästig ist und nicht “geht”, wenn man einen Eingreifschutz für die Speichen hat.
Die Greifringe gibt es schon fertig mit Gummi überzogen, oder als

„Aufgeschnittener Gartenschlauch“ (Greifringüberzug),

den man dann auf einen Standartgreifring aufzieht.

Was da besser oder schlechter ist, muss jeder selbst für sich entscheiden.
Es heißt immer die Greifringüberzüge würden im Sommer wenn es warm ist und das Gummi weich wird, immer von den Greifreifen rutschen.
Diese negative Erfahrung hatte ich auch gemacht.
Man kann da ganz einfach gegensteuern indem regelmäßig so ca. alle 2 Wochen die Greifringüberzüge innen und außen bzw. die Greifringe mit einem alkoholhaltigen Reiniger wie Fensterputzmittel, Spiritus… reinigt.
Die Teile halten dann am Greifring wieder wie festgeklebt.
Jetzt noch ein bisschen Haarspray außen auf den Geifringüberzug und der Ausfahrt zum Baggersee “steht” nichts mehr im Wege.

Ob die am Baggersee eine Hebeanlage zum Wassern haben?

Eigude Shame VIII

星期二, 六月 29th, 2010


The attendance of concerts of all kinds is always an event in itself before you even have heard the first sound.

In Frankfurt in the „Jahrhunderthalle“ („hall of the century“) you have to cross the heater room and then up with a freight elevator to reach your seats.

This is even topped in the „Alte Oper“ („Old Opera“). One gets barrier-free through the main entrance to the box-office which is located next to the foyer. When you then have bought your tickets it is not possible to get over the three stairs to the foyer. Then you have to leave the opera house again through the main entrance to drive up a ramp in zigzag at the side/rear entrance, where you have to ring a bell, and an employee accompanies you to the foyer.

The creativity for the appearance of wheelchair admission tickets is unlimited.

Here a special curious example:

Inner standing room (Stehplatz) (for wheelchairs?)


With wheelchair hidden object



Escort Service

Maybe it was just a typo, and it should have been called staying room

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Eigude Shame VII

星期一, 六月 28th, 2010

As self-confessed football fan for many years the current

World Cup in South Africa is a highlight.

Especially because I spent the last Euro Cup in hospital.
My car was decorated with the

car flag from the world cup 2006.

Additionally a friend has fixed in my absence the commonly known

“mirror socks”

to my car.
I was not granted to see my car only once in that way because within 14 hours my

flag was broken off and the socks were stolen.

The car was parking on my own disabled parking place.
Within 20 years my car was broken into 15 times on various locations, and radios, amps, speakers… were stolen, but I have never faced such a


After the

4:1 against England

I am more relaxed again.
Quarter finals, go Germany…

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Wheelchair Tuning Part X

星期五, 六月 25th, 2010

The selection of wheelchair tyres should not be under-estimated.
For the driving wheels it has to be decided first:

Full cushion or pneumatic tyres?

Many active wheelers are using

Pneumatic tyres Schwalbe Marathon Plus (until 10 bar*).

There is a persistent rumour that it completely doesn’t matter how the tyre is mounted as no wheelchair tyre ever has a running direction.
Very convincing!
Due to the stud axles on the wheelchair the tyres can be switched from right to left.
Because the profile of the tyre is not equal there hast o be a difference.
I don’t have much power and noticed the difference immediately when the tyres were exchanged, but this wasn’t supposed to be possible.

Now I wanted to know and wrote to the company Schwalbe.
I have already received a reply on the next day:

The tyre is mounted in the designated running direction so that it has a low rolling resistance.
If the tyre would have been fitted in the opposite direction it would have a better traction as e.g. for

ice and snow,

but then with a higher rolling resistance.

So this secret was disclosed as well.

At the next

tyre change

you should mind that you get tyres with additional reflector stripes.

Thus you will even be seen when you are rolling home from the club at night.

* Tyres should have 8 bar pressure.  
The other one has to feel it when you ride across his foot!

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Selfmade- Wheelchair

星期三, 六月 23rd, 2010

It is nothing new that the health insurances are currently in financial difficulties.

The saving-mania reaches unforeseen dimensions.

To save mounting costs technical aids will be delivered to all in need as construction kits only.
It is stopped not even at kids.

Look yourself, the new

Constructy 2101 for do-it-yourself mounting

The advantage of the Constructy 2101 is that the size can be easily adjusted with a couple of bricks.

For adults the wheelchair components are pre-fabricated in Sweden.

But seriously: Pictures from Kids medical supply (Kindersanitätshaus).

Simply great, keep it up!!!

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Wheeler’s pint

星期二, 六月 22nd, 2010

Don’t drink and drive

is a matter of course for us wheelers.
A Hessian brewery has now launched the first

Wheeler’s Pint.

Non-alcoholic and isotonic

all what the body needs.

Side effects such as mocking, sneering, head-shaking and chronic taste definition search are guaranteed.
Resemblances and interactions with beer don’t have to be feared.

Isotonic: Sport drinks having the same mineral concentration like body fluids (Source Wikipedia).

Which body fluids do they mean? Yuk!!!

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Eigude Shame VI

星期四, 六月 17th, 2010

My hand cycle chain was yelling for oil or grease.
This wish was my command, and I purchased a bottle of

German multi-purpose grease with the little chimney sweaper.

The top of the bottle was regularly cut off so that it was still possible to close it.
Now it was all squeezing, squeezing, squeezing…
The quantity of grease “wormed“ out of the bottle was comparable with the secretion of a


25 kg per year, corresponding to 2,85 g per hour.
The hole at the top of the bottle was way too small.

The chain remained dry to avoid a major mess.

At enquiry at the supplier (among professionals I am already called a notorious complainer) why a bottle supposed for oil is filled with grease, and how I could get the grease onto my chain, I received the following technically mature reply:

In your case we recommend to enlarge the hole by cutting off the top a little below.
Should you then still have difficulties with the usage of the product please get in touch with us.

Thereupon two valium, and everything is fine, isn’t it?
Don’t give me that!

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(Deutsch) WM- Sitzkissen

星期一, 六月 14th, 2010


Eigude Shame V

星期一, 六月 14th, 2010

I have reported already several times about disabled parking places and their frequent misuse.

Here is a particularly nice spot.

Recyclable Disposal Area

Probably a wheeler has emptied his backpack there.

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks X

星期四, 六月 10th, 2010

Wheelchair users and their bathroom equipment is an endless subject!
The mounting height of the bath mirror can lead to the move-out of the partner if no agreement is found.
To avoid these discussions, usually cost-efficient (ho, ho, ho)

movable mirrors

are recommended. How are you supposed to see anything without binoculars in such a thing when it is skillfully mounted under the ceiling, and who moves it if needed?

My tip is a, mounted to hobbit size, a telescopic round

Make-up Mirror

made by the

Swedish meatballers.

Model: FRÄCK 5,99€
The mirror of my wall cupboard is with its height just suitable for eyebrow shaping.
Now I can finally see if my nurse is botching with the shaving. ;-)

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Eigude-Shame IV

星期三, 六月 9th, 2010

The first ride with a cable car in a wheelchair is an experience in itself. When I finally arrived on the top of the mountain the cable car operator wanted to help me out of the gondola immediately even though it hadn’t stopped oscillating yet. I don’t know how other wheelchair drivers would feel, but I don’t like it if the ground is still moving while getting out.

At the Nebelhorn in Oberstdorf there was an add-on:
To surmount some stairs to the sun terrace they have installed a

Platform lifter.

Basically a great thing. These things are nothing special for me because I live on the first floor and use such a lifter each and every day.
But with this lifter it should be

mandatory to wear a helmet!!

No joke:
Usually the bottom plate is put down, the safety bars swing out and one drives on to the lifter to get down the stairway.
This one is a little different:
The bottom plate is put down as well, then one drives on to the lifter, and now you have to duck your head quickly, otherwise you will be struck by the swinging

Safety bar

or pushed down the stairway…


Positively to be mentioned is that the lifter operator pointed out this “specialty” in the last moment.

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Eigude Shame III

星期一, 六月 7th, 2010

As a wheeler you shouldn’t get upset any more when tormented, stressed, overworked, outcast from society, pitiable pedestrians keep the disabled parking places with their cars dry for wheelers. These parking places are also excellently suitable for placing bulky waste.

Seen today, sad but true:

Two out of four designated disabled parking places

blocked with

Recycle Bins

in the courtyard of the department of the

Commissioner for the Disabled of the city of Frankfurt.

Thank you Frankfurt, great example!

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Wheelchair Tuning Part IX

星期五, 六月 4th, 2010

During the winter I had

Mountainbike Wheelchair tyres

 (see older blog post)

built according to my ideas to brave the quantities of snow.
Just in time with the thawing in Frankfurt the tyres were ready.
To conduct an endurance test with the tyres anyhow they were subject to a two week testing in the


Extreme up and down Snow-Riding!

Extreme Off-road Hand cycling

Extreme Haldensee- Rounding

Extreme Wheelchair Jumping

All tests were completed more or less successfully.

Broken axles, flat tyres and broken spokes were incurred only sporadically. As three to five defects per week are usual in the technical aids area there are no hurdles for serial production.

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Swimming Pool

星期四, 六月 3rd, 2010

A visit to the swimming pool in my case turns out to be a little bit like the launch of a


There are the most different methods to be


Possibilities are e.g. a hydraulically swinging bench, a chair in which one is wound down to the water, or a shower chair in which one is pushed down a ramp into the wet as at a ship’s christening.
Into the sea one is pushed e.g. with a beach wheelchair.
(see older blog post).

The strangest variant reminds immediately of the good old


on a fun fair. The fun begins with this

floating chair

being 10 cm higher than my cushion, and I would have had to unpack little wings to get on it on my own. Presumably for hygienic reasons the footrest was installed towards the inner side of the chair so that not everybody puts his unwashed feet on it.
If the jump on this thing was successful you swing the safety bar around. The copilot (assistant) drives you to the starting position in front of the pool, hooks you up with two belts into the hoist mounted on the ceiling, and the flight above the water may start.

Before watering put on your life vest!

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Technical Aids Tips und Tricks IX

星期二, 六月 1st, 2010

My car manufactured in Rüsselsheim and customized to hand throttle in Fulda also has a wheelchair loading system.
Have a look yourself:

I transfer from wheelchair to car with a permanently mounted slide board to the driver’s seat,

fold up my wheelchair*,

the rear door opens and the loading system comes out like magic.

The wheelchair is clamped with the handles into the loading system and pulled inside the car.

Now quickly close the door and put on estimated 5 kg safety belt, then the journey into the green can start.

Maybe I will manage it some time on my own..

* The folding of the wheelchair requires the genetics of a contorsionist ;-)

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