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Back from Wheelchairgolf trial lesson from Tenerife!

Monday, February 25th, 2013


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I Love Home Improvement Stores

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013


Last week it was time again….

Since September 2008 I am back home after my accident.
These are around 1600 days.

I guess that I am rolling in my wheelchair at least 5 times a day into the kitchen and out again.
This results in the following pressure load calculation:

1600 days x 5 rides (kitchen) x 2 (in and out) x 2 (front + back tyres) =

32000 doorsill crossings.

This is hard work for the

aluminium bar doorsill.

To make it short, the bar has had it, and I went to the do-it-yourself store to buy a new one.

They really had the same type still available which makes the replacement very easy, but “just” in the 2 meter version.

Of course I couldn’t reach the bar in the back of the shelf. Probably it was an employees meeting at the same time, because the service counter of the shop was empty.

I didn’t find a do-it-yourself craftsman from the shop who could have given me the bar or even sawn it through.

Another customer helped me to get the 2 meter bar out of the shelf and put it vertically into my wheelchair bag so that I didn’t have to ride through the shop like Don Quixote with the lance.

It certainly looked funny when I rode with the flagpole directly to the cashier at the exit.

Another customer was already served there.

I am still sorry that the cashier woman had to get up to scan the barcode of the bar.

I forbade myself the question if she could possibly help me with the wheelchair flagpole to my car.

No reaction from her side… this must have looked so unbelievable ridiculous,… I had to refrain from laughing so much, but remained dead serious and paid. I was served 100% correctly.

Then she uttered a “security advice” after all, I am sure I won’t hear these words too soon again:

You don’t fit through the door with your size!!!

Correct… good visual judgement…

The other customer grinned, offered his help immediately and brought the bar to my car, thanks again.

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