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Ingenious: A cooling vest and Cap which only needs water!

Saturday, July 27th, 2013


Due to the rather tropical outside temperatures I would like to call your attention like every year to two older blogposts!

One is about a

Cooling Vest

(click here)

and the other one about a

Cooling Cap

(click here)

Since the summer 2013 has found us as well I have the prototype of a cooling shirt, also from the company E-cooline in permanent test mode, and I am happy.

Read the comments to the blogposts, there are some tips of other readers!!!

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Final Report European Wheelchair-Basketball Championship 2013 in Frankfurt

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013


Final Report European Wheelchair Basketball Championship 2013 in Frankfurt

End of the European Championship…!!!

The German women showed an impressive performance throughout the whole tournament in their matches.

Except for the heart-stopping final which they unfortunately lost with only one basket difference against Holland they have won all their matches.
They thrilled me the whole week. 2nd place, chapeau…!!!

Look closely, in Frankfurt they don’t only get a cup, but also a ”Bembel”.

A “Bembel“ is the traditional blue-and-grey stone ware jug, depository of the Hessian national drink apple cider. It is used to pour the drink into the legendary 0,3 l glass with rhomb design.
Source: Me ;-)

Back to the European Championship…

Our men played a tournament with quite some ups and downs, but secured with a sweeping match against Holland place 6 and the qualification for the next World Championship.

The men’s final was Great Britain vs. Turkey, an exciting match at eye level.

Great Britain won the match by one point.

They were singing “God save the Queen” so ghastly that they are probably hit with a lawsuit for criminal assault now.

They couldn’t spoil the mood of David the Chair skater & me. ;-)

I thought it was a bit of a shame that the two blocks of Turkish fans, who made a great atmosphere during the match by loudly cheering for their team, almost completely left the hall after the lost match and didn’t stay for the cup presentation of their team.

Now an unforgettable week is over where I haven’t only seen lots of sport, but also collected lots of material for new blogposts and built new contacts.

During the European Championship my desk has changed its colour without my interference from black to white. I think I have to take care about the backlog of administration now… grrr… Outside sun and 26°C ;-( and I am sitting here…

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European Wheelchair-Basketball Championship 2013 in Frankfurt

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013


The ball is flying since Friday!!!

” Frankfurt is spinning the wheel”

European Wheelchair Basketball Championship 2013 of women and man

From June 28th until July 7th in the ice sports hall in Frankfurt

With my seasonal ticket I am there each day since Friday.
You shouldn’t miss such an event…!!!

For more information:

It is unbelievable for me how it is possible to move a wheelchair so fast and controlled and then still hit the basket.

Wheelchair basketball is a most attractive sport which you should have seen live once.

Our “German Girls” are reigning Paralympic champions.

Israel didn’t have a chance, our girls won 81:32

I met again Paralympic athlete Maria KĂĽhn whom I met on May 1st (see older blogpost).

The complete women’s team plus coach and physiotherapists have signed on my “Lion shirt” which I got for my appearance as “Cheering Extra” for the image film “Frankfurt is spinning the wheel” (see older blogpost).

Our German man are still flagging a bit, match against Switzerland at 12:15 h… they’re gonna make it…!!!

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