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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks Part XLVII

Monday, January 16th, 2012


Recently I visited a concert of the “Blues Brothers” in an event hall called “Hall of the century” (Jahrhunderthalle) in Frankfurt!

This event hall was built in 1960. In that time people spent extensive thoughts on the accessibility of the building. To get as a wheeler from the foyer up into the hall there is, after a little sightseeing tour with the paramedic on duty through areas of the housing technology, a spacious, appealing freight elevator with the „Red Liftboy“ available.
The accessible service of the Red Cross is top!!!

During the break I wanted to go down to the foyer. Suddenly it stood in front of me.
Everybody knows it, the classic among the wheelchairs, the vintage and honorable

Iron Pig

also known as AOK shopping trolley (AOK is the main health insurance in Germany (translator’s note)). The two stickers:

I`m an energy saver! and Who will go ballistic in a jiffy!

allow to guess the approximate age of that wheelchair (in the 1970s there was an appeal to save energy due to the oil crisis). It was noted by the paramedic that energy saving is true because he is pushing the chair.
The paramedic positively mentioned the off road capability of the Iron Pig in action to cross the parking lot for the ambulance.

I must admit that I had to grin slightly that the city of Frankfurt isn’t able to afford a newer wheelchair, but this oldtimer is high class workmanship and maintained regularly as you can see from the new tyres.

I’m curious about how many years I will still meet this classic wheelchair!!!

Translator Teo

Eigude Shame XVIII

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011


Today some innovative ideas of my city Frankfurt/Main!!!

Gully cover

in road construction usually are built kindly with “slots” in travel direction. In this case so that the wheeler can drive into the slots with his front tyres and doesn’t roll away when he is waiting for the lift. Unfortunately it was forgotten to illuminate the “waiting gully”, but this will certainly be realized in the next few days.

We wheelers are happy about every piece of cobble stone. It is better for us than some medication. The jolting supports the digestion at its best.

Thus especially commendable is this

“New Disabled Parking Place”

It was designed according to the latest findings from the handicap area. Please note the joints between the stones which probably were not closed on purpose so that the wheelchair doesn’t roll away when getting out of the car. After getting out you keep “standing” safely next to the car. The different heights of the stones facilitate the car-floor-transfer, because the wheelchair is standing ergonomically on 3 wheels. Especially commendable is that the curbs are on grade neither to the street nor to the pavement, so that curb jumping can be practiced.

The width of the joints exactly match the size of the wheelchair tyres, somebody really took great efforts.

Thank you road traffic department Frankfurt, I am proud of you!!!

Translator BL

Eigude Shame XVII

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011


My suspicion is that construction engineers compress their planning to the most confined space not because building sites are so expensive, but only for that reason because they would otherwise need to print another piece of paper!

Everybody knows it, when you are writing a letter on the PC and the text doesn’t fit onto one page, you also try with smaller line spacing and font to squeeze everything onto one page.

In a building in the neighbourhood a new emergency stair case with new entrance area was built in the record-breaking time of two years.

They have taken much effort that the residents of the neighbouring houses will still remember the reconstructions years later.

I was positively surprised that on the side of the entrance a small

Outside lift for wheelchairs

was built. Great thing because in this building there are living also many old and frail people who may need a wheelchair in a couple of years.

We generously overlook the stair on the left with which the waste disposal is made a little difficult for us “travelling people”.

I am actually not concerned any more, but how can you construct such an extremely

Steep Stairway.

The stairs are very high and consist even out of polished granite. The lady on the picture had greatest difficulties to climb the entrance with her walking stick. There would have been more than enough space to front for the stairway construction, but as mentioned probably the paper was too small. The guy who is responsible for the construction of this stairway should be accused for attempted injury.

After the next winter the fresh wheelers due to a downfall from the stairs will probably queue in front of the outside lift!!

Translator BL