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Chock Part XII

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011


Today only moaning!!!

After 3 weeks of permanent lying in a hospital bed I was glad to be home again.
I knew that the whole situation with broken leg and orthosis would be a little inconvenient in everyday life, and usually I see everything quite sportingly, but the quantity of small and big fouls can hardly be compensated even with larger amounts of pills.
It’s hard to believe how a broken leg which is anyway “standing” useless on the footrest or stool can bother you.

Thus I haven’t written a new blogpost for a couple of days due to lack of time.
Although I have a customized car with hand throttle I can’t use it because the broken leg has to be constantly rested in an elevated position so that it won’t swell, great…
Outside trips are not possible with the tank wheelchair (see last blogpost). Well, now the weather is quite crappy anyway.
If you have finally reached the desk with the leg on the flower stool to do something useful the printer paper is empty, or you can’t reach the correspondence in the filing basket any more.

Because I “may” lie in my bed frequently and early and my finger function is quite crappy anyway I thought the acquisition of a tablet PC with touch screen instead of a laptop with internet connection via WLAN for the bedroom would be quite smart. For everybody who suffers from chronic boredom I recommend an Acer 500 with Android operating system. This thing is comparable to an iPad.

Synchronization with my Windows PC is possible, but you “just” have to look for suitable apps out of perceived 2 million in the internet first and install them. New job profile: Certified App Finder, this would be something nice. Then feed this multimedia device with some data, connect to the router, and lying about in the bedroom is possible with world connection as well.

My home network router might bring WiFi connection through the complete Gobi desert, but in a reasonable reinforced concrete building with iron door cases in which I live it ends from office to bedroom after 9 meters. Great…

A second router is quickly organized, but about the installation of it as WLAN repeater I will write a scientific essay some time and submit it to Stockholm.

I was momentarily willing to return my certificate as electronic technician to the chamber of commerce. Is that possible???

With all the wire mess I had managed in the meantime that a cable got entangled in the spokes of my wheelchair so that it was not possible to move neither back nor forth any more.

So, enough moaning, now I will dedicate myself to the chaos caused in the office, it can be only a matter of days…

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Simply Great Part V – PR Blog

Monday, January 31st, 2011


At this stage I would like to thank Mr. Bock, the owner of a travel agency specialized on wheelchair travels. I had already booked various trips there. In December during our first personal conversion (it was about the details of a reservation) he had the idea to introduce my blog on the travel agency’s newsletter. There are some thousand people on his distribution list, so it should be possible to help effected people. He also employs a wheelchair user and knows about our challenges and projects. Such a PR would be nice!

Of course I am quite taken with such conversations, but unfortunately usually there are rarely results.

On Saturday I received the January newsletter!

There it was, the first Rollinator PR Blog, and the whole thing without any more discussions, great thing!

** client offers advice for free

Internet – Steffen L., wheelchair user and **client, writes in his Blog “Eigude” about odd experiences from everyday life and innovative ideas for wheelchair users:

“News from the Rollinator” – this title shines above the comprehensive Web-Blog of Steffen L. The hobby internet editor is in a wheelchair only since 2007, but in this short time he has collected already a considerable amount of information.

“When you, sitting in a wheelchair, have left the hospital or the rehab the drama begins. You are left on your own, and everybody has to re-invent the wheel to manage everyday life.”
“Therefore this blog with a lot of tips and tricks.”

Interested persons can find the website
As expert for individual technical aids solutions the author offers advice for free!

** Contact details of the travel agency can be requested as usual on

More than 150 clicks in 24 hours, uff…

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(Deutsch) Spezial- Bremskeil V

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

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(Deutsch) Indernett funtstüg där wochä IV

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

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(Deutsch) Indernett funtstüg där wochä III

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

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(Deutsch) Indernett funtstüg där wochä II

Monday, December 14th, 2009

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(Deutsch) Indernett funtstüg där wochä I

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

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