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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XXV

Monday, January 2nd, 2017


Wheelchair auxiliary snow chains

A creative Berliner

has mounted tie-wraps to his bicycle tyre so that he can better ride on snow and ice.

Self-made tie-wrap wheelchair snow chains

This probably works with wheelchair tyres as well.

He also rides on Schwalbe Marathon tyres, like most of the wheelers.

Have a look yourself, ingeniously simple and cost-efficient!

Link: Video at Spiegel-Online

Just try it out and write a comment.

In Frankfurt there is no snow anymore, so I can’t test it!

Thanks to Hajo for the info.

However, I wouldn’t ride across the parquet floor any more. :-)

Read this old blogpost and exchange in winter right and left wheelchair tyre if necessary:

Link: Running direction of “Schwalbe” tyres

I assume no liability for this tip!

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Quadriplegic Tips XIV

Friday, February 12th, 2010


Due to my spinal cord injury my blood pressure hardly rises above 100.

My mate always says:
Don’t get upset, otherwise you will get a blood pressure of 120.

To increase my blood pressure there is apart from pills a much faster method,

zip fastener

Just try to cook a 4-course-menu with winter mittens, then you know what I mean.

The ultimate discipline are ski jackets with double zipper.

Commitment to a psychiatric institution guaranteed.

Each quadriplegic has a key ring on the zipper.

With a

clip for braces + key ring or tie wrap

I now have 2 rings at the zipper start.

You “go“ with two fingers in the ring.

Now you have to practice, practice, practice,…

Then the zipper can be closed quite well…

If the zipper is not gliding well, there is the old skiing trick with a little spray of

silicon oil

and then it slides considerably easier.

See what is written on the can:
“Everything“ will glide faster, easier, and more quietly!!!

Listen, you don’t hear anything ;-)

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Quadriplegic Workshop III

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010


You have probably noticed already that I am a self-confessed pedant in the technical area.

I am very lucky that my family and friends again and again take their time to realize my sometimes a bit weird ideas in the area of technical aids.
It is hardly possible to do this myself with my handicap.

At this stage many, many thanks.

If I wouldn’t have this kind of help my technical aids would be a lot more basic.

Here is a great idea how you can help yourself as quadriplegic with the most simple means.
The tie wrap on the phone has amongst others the reason to hang the phone over the brake of the wheelchair.

Thank you for the tip, I need more of these!!!

Even I can write serious blogposts.
Where have my pills gone?

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Quadriplegic Workshop II

Thursday, January 21st, 2010


It was used already in the mid of the 1980’s:

The 512 kB USB Stick Version Tetra 1.0 with tie wrap

Each quadriplegic manages to pull out this USB stick. ;-)

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Quadriplegic Tips Part VIII

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009


It is in the nature of the quadriplegics that we are spreading chaos all the time. Paper is lying around everywhere. To file the paper piles reasonably I am introducing the world’s first:

tie wrap fishing hanging files

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