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Sport News IV

Friday, August 31st, 2012


Paralympic Computer Tip

After the broadcasting marathon of the TV stations at the Olympic Games I am a bit disappointed that no live sport from the Paralympics is broadcasted in the evening programme.

Yesterday evening at wheelchair basketball there was right in the opening match of the group stage a new edition of the European championship final

Germany vs. Great Britain.

No German TV station has broadcasted the match, it’s a shame!!!

On the official website of the Paralympics there are several live streams in English and Spanish available with the various disciplines.

It was working for me only after installing the Plugin “octoshape streaming service” and “Adobe Flash Player 11.4″.

I had then connected my laptop with a HDMI cable to my TV and watched the match!!!

After a thrilling match revenge was taken and

Germany won 77:72 after extra time!!!

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Sport News III

Thursday, August 30th, 2012


Today is the start of the

Paralympics in London!

My personal tip, watch

Wheelchair Rugby and Wheelchair Basketball

on TV. It is unbelievable how fast one can move in a wheelchair!!!

In February 2012, when I was in Tenerife in the wheelchair hotel “Mar y Sol”, the Swedish national team was training for wheelchair rugby, (see older blogpost with video).

I tried myself in wheelchair hockey, “Sport News II”.

During the opening ceremony I even recognized a Swedish player.

Wheelchair basketball is just power:

Frankfurt “Mainhatten Sky-Wheelers”

Sailing is of course paralympic as well!

In Mallorca there is an organization FUNDACIĂ“N HANDISPORT
With them a wheelchair user can go waterskiing, golfing and driving beach buggy, and even sailing.

I have tried it of course, it was a perfect day:

What would have happened when my sailing teacher (behind me in the picture) would have fallen into the water?

For the next Paralympics I still have to practice a bit. ;-)

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