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Crazy Flash XXV

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014


Pontoon Bridge over the Mainriver

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013


Crazy Flash IV Addendum

Friday, October 29th, 2010

The fire department in Frankfurt has upgraded and switched to

Emergency vehicles with pedals

(see older blogpost).

Please note the blue fire water bucket on the front.

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Crazy Flash IV

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

The current lousy economic situation forces cities and municipalities to break new ground.
The coffers are empty.
All newly hired employees of the municipal fire brigade have to produce their

emergency vehicles

in home-work by themselves now.
The THW (German disaster relief organisation has similar problems.

Here type “Frankfurt“ with immobilizer.
The fire resistance needs still to be worked on.

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Simply Great! Part I

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

As already reported in blogpost Eigude Shame VII , the

“mirror socks” on my car

were stolen before the match Germany vs. England (4:1), and the German flag was broken off. An old friend of mine has fixed together with his girlfriend in a conspirative underground mission new

World Cup mirror socks

to my car.
Great mission. Thanks again to both of you!
Probably my mate now has his upper body full of welts like a galley slave as I was forced due to lack of parking space to park very, very close to a hedge. Such a guy from German disaster relief can’t be stopped by anything.

Everything just in time before the friendly match against Argentina.

Germany – Argentina 4:0

God is no Argentinian after all.
Bye-bye Maradonna, have a good flight, handballer!

Semi-final, go Germany…
(Behind me is not my mentioned mate).

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Handicap Parking Part I

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

After I had proven my ability to drive with hand throttle in front of the technical control association and my hand throttle customized car had been delivered mid December I applied for a

personalised disabled parking place.

This worked out extremely fast.
At this point thanks to the staff of the road traffic department of the city of Frankfurt. Within a few days the corresponding sign was placed and the parking place roughly labelled, because at that time another car was parking there.

I was assured that the

Handicap label

on the street would be fixed later on.

At this time constantly other cars were parking on my parking place. I was appreciative because the sign is only visible well from one side, and these morons were parking against the driving direction. Well…

In the year 2009 I stood one single time on my disabled parking place.

On December 28th the road traffic department put two signs up

Absolute stopping restriction due to labelling work

to keep the place free so that the missing street labelling could be accomplished.

This meant for me to keep my parking place free.

On New Year’s Eve 2009/10 I unapologetically stood boozed without displayed parking permit in the

absolute stopping restriction zone.

This was the first and so far only time that I was standing on my parking place in 2010.
And even without a car, therefore under survey of an employee of the German disaster relief organisation (THW).

Then the snow arrived…

It is clear that the guys are busy with other things than my labelling.

From the deep of my heart I would like to thank the traffic participants who ignored the signs from the beginning out of altruism only.
The asphalt of my parking place is continuously kept dry for weeks by parking their cars above so that the labelling can be completed as soon as possible.

Which other reason should they have???

This might get funny.

Do I need a permanent line to the police?

Tell me your experiences…

If the current signs are not interesting anybody I should look for a small armoured tank with hand throttle.
With this I could then stand on the cars.
Drive defensively, drive a tank.

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Quadriplegic Tips Part X

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Many quadriplegics don’t work anymore.

To improve one’s budget Poker or Skat are gambled quite often.

In order to better hold the cards,

a tool is used which was thousand fold field-tested

by the German disaster relief organisation (THW).

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Rollirucksack Part I

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Der Rollirucksack ist vergleichbar mit der Handtasche einer Frau.
Er ist das inoffizielle Heiligtum des Fahrers.
Die Inhalte sind außer uns Rollifahrern, nur

Taubstummen Mönchen aus dem Himalaja


Warum fast jeder Rollifahrer einen:

Gliedermaßstab, Metermeter 2m (ehemalig Zollstock),


mit sich herumfährt, wo man selten über 1,40m Sitzhöhe kommt,
ist einfach.
Mit ihm wird das


Zahlen sind wichtig, bei Beschwerden aller Art:

Wie hoch sind die Bordsteine?
Wie breit die Türen?
Wie tief das Schlagloch vor der Tür,
kann ich darin ertrinken?

Ok, es bringt einen nicht sofort weiter,
wenn man misst und feststellt,
dass es nicht möglich ist,
an den Aufzugsknopf zu kommen!!!

Nach der Messung kann dann der Metermeter
zum Drücken des Knopfes verwendet werden. ;-)

Derzeit werden moderne Laser-Metermeter mit “Wireless LAN” erprobt, mit denen die Messergebnisse direkt an den zuständigen Behindertenbeauftragten weitergeleitet werden können.

THW Emergency Vehicle

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009


Der Klimaerwärmung muß entgegengewirkt werden:

Der Umweltschutz macht auch vor dem
„Technischen Hilfswerk“ (THW)
nicht halt.

Das THW wurde angewiesen, den CO2 Ausstoß ihrer Fahrzeuge erheblich zu verringern.

Die ersten umweltfreundlichen

„THW- Einsatzfahrzeuge“

wurden ausgeliefert.