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Tetrapack II

Sunday, March 21st, 2010


There is a football god after all!!!

I have reported in one of my first blogposts how another Eintracht Frankfurt football fan I didn’t know gave me his 17 year old

yellow Tetrapak Eintracht Frankfurt football shirt
(see older blogpost)

, which I was looking for.
As if I had anticipated it, I decided on Saturday 2 hours before kick-off of the match

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Bayern Munich

to call my cousin to watch the match with him live on TV. I should mention that at this time Bayern Munich was unbeaten for the last 19 matches, and my cousin and I had endured the 0:4 home match loss against these Southern Germans half a year ago in the stadium.
Well then, my cousin had told his colleague my story with the yellow Tetrapak football shirt, whereupon he gave him a couple of weeks ago his old

red Tetrapak football shirt

for me.
Heaven only knows why Stefan came as well yesterday of all days to watch football with us.
Eintracht played great.
Within the last 4 minutes they could turn the 0:1 score with two goals and sent Bayern home with


The photo was made before the match.

It shows the girlfriend of my cousin, Stefan and me.

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks VI

Sunday, March 21st, 2010


In winter or rainy weather, almost all pedestrians take off their shoes in front of their door and sneak in socks over the laminate.

I absolutely appreciate that this makes sense when you have estimated 2 kg snow on the soles of your shoes
and you don’t like to go sledging in your flat.

You won’t believe how much snow or rain water can stick to a wheelchair.
Even the wiping of the wheelchair tyres with discarded towels is rather difficult if you are not a Paralympian or contortionist.

To counteract the spring tide in your flat
I have purchased a carpet as it is usually lying e.g. at the entrance of department stores and positioned it outside of my door in the staircase.

These carpets absorb up to 6 liters of water per m².
With its size of 230 cm x 120 cm my

wheelchair tyre cleaning carpet

(wheelchair doormat)

could actually absorb more than 16 liters rain water.
Before I roll into the flat I am doing two laps on the carpet in the staircase, and the wheelchair tyres are clean and dry.

Up to now the maximum “filling capacity” was not reached yet.

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