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Merry Christmas!

星期六, 十二月 24th, 2011

Ho, ho, ho !!!

Merry Christmas to everyone, health, good luck for 2012 and for all wheelers always 60 psi pressure on the wheels.

Teddy regards, Rollinator


Winter Special

星期二, 十二月 20th, 2011

Here is a collection of links with tips and odd stories around the subject winter.
Sorry, but not all blogposts referred to are translated yet!!! More to follow…

Wheelblades, wheelchairski translated!

FreeWheel translated!

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Moutainbike Winter Tyres translated! translated! translated! translated!

Wheelchair auxiliary snow chains translated!

Running direction of “Schwalbe” tyres

Wheelchair tyre cleaning carpet

Wheelchair tyre slippers

Christmas Tree remote control

Special wheelchair for removing snow

Story referring to the picture


If you have good ideas, as usual e-mail to

Translator BL


Eigude Shame Part XX

星期一, 十二月 19th, 2011


Wishing everybody a pleasant 4th Advent

星期日, 十二月 18th, 2011

Yesterday culture was on schedule.

Schiller’s “The Robbers” (Die Räuber)

in the Frankfurt Theatre.

A wonderful day!!!

星期六, 十二月 17th, 2011

The day before yesterday I went to have an x-ray of my

Fracture of the shin-bone

Yet there was a vacant parking place for disabled persons.
Next to my car a minibus was parking. If you want or if you don`t, automatically you take a look at the windscreen and you search for the

“blue parking permit”

(blue-coloured parking permit for disabled people)

What a pity, like very often a driver forgot to place the parking permission. Ho, ho, ho… I do believe in Santa Clause again!!
Just as I got off my car, and was sitting in my wheelchair, a lady came on foot in a distance of 30 meters in my direction.
I spent my loveliest and a bit malicious grin to the lady.
I really don`t understand it completely myself, but this lady didn’t have her best day this day. First she harassed the sliding door of the bus, then she jumped on to the driver’s seat, went into reverse gear and then attack…
The sad aspect in this story was, that a few meters behind her instead of me there was a not to be scoffed concrete pillar. She managed to nudge it to the ground nearly. My grin spread much wider when she repeated this action for a second time. ;-)
My new friend, this

concrete pillar

Her front bumper now looks a bit like a cat scratch pole.
She’ll ever remember this parking place for disabled.

Fracture of shin-bone

My fracture from September 4th slowly heals up – anyway, my day was saved.
Translator Teo


Sport News Part I

星期二, 十二月 13th, 2011

During my hospital detention due to my shinbone fracture my wheelchair including me has lost almost 10 kg of weight. Maybe due to the food, or did I idle around fasting too much???
Usually I can eat what I want, the wheelchair is getting heavier and heavier,… now suddenly lighter and lighter… ;-)
Too bad that my body has not only used up the redundant fat tissue which I basically don’t mind, but also plenty of my painfully worked out muscles.
October had good weather and November was the driest of all times…, but that doesn’t help if you are lying with a splint and outstretched leg, with the overall appearance of a Russian tank, only driving from sleeping room passing kitchen and bathroom to the office and back. In exceptional cases a short break was taken in the dining room.
Now adding some Christmas cookies, and the wheelchair will be more heavy than ever.
To counteract the muscle wasting an individual


was developed. On my

leg exercise machine

the foot rests were demounted so that it can be used as arm exercise machine in spite of the leg orthosis on the right.

The familiar

Swing stick

wears everyone down in the long run. ( note the yellow ball).

The daily exercise with the

Thera-band in bed

should according to experience and due to safety reasons not be done without protective glasses.
More exercises with the Thera-band, “Fit in Wheelchair”: Join in!!!

Translator BL

Have a lovely 3rd Advent!

星期日, 十二月 11th, 2011

Recipe for traditional Frankfurt “Bethmännchen”!!!

250 g marzipan paste
65 g blanched and grated almonds
80 g icing sugar
1 egg white
Egg yolk for coating
Blanched almond halves

Knead marzipan paste with grated almonds, icing sugar and egg white and put in a cool place, if possible over night. Form little balls with the hands and press 3 almond halves in each ball. Then coat with egg yolk mixed with a spoon of water.
Bake at 150°C for 15-20 minutes.

Interactions with other Christmas cookies are not known.

The risk of permanent addictive behavior should be discussed with the attending physician before fabrication and consumption :-)

(Still with orthosis, it begins to be a pain in the neck!)

Translator BL

Insider Tips for Disabled Parking Place Occupiers

星期五, 十二月 2nd, 2011