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Thursday, January 30th, 2014

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War inside the Internet II

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

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Visit to the Technical Supervisory Association

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014


Like any other German car, my adapted car with its hand throttle and wheelchair loading system has to be inspected by the Technical Supervisory Association every other year.

Usually this is a bit annoying, but this time it was really funny.

The whole story started when I asked if I should drive the car myself into the hall due to the hand throttle.
They insured it wouldn’t be a problem… well then…

It was funny to see the inspector hopping like a kangaroo to the test stand with my car. It wasn’t so easy driving with hand throttle after all.

While I was waiting a display dummy attracted my attention which stood next to the reception desk. It was wearing a t-shirt

Without visible defects, Technical Supervisory Association (TĂśV-Hessen)

I was laughing with tears.

Of course I bought such a t-shirt immediately, but when I paid I couldn’t refrain from saying to the lady that my 24 inch aluminium wheelchair rims are not recorded in my identity card ;-)

My car passed the inspection without defects and got its sticker on the number plate.

I assume that the inspector wanted to have a closer look at my wheelchair loading system, otherwise I can hardly explain why I had to drive my car myself out of the hall. Or maybe he didn’t like my hand throttle??? ;-)

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks L

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014


I like my smartphone…!!!

With my old mobile phone I didn’t write as much as 5 text messages within 5 years since my accident because I couldn’t push the small buttons with my buckled thumb.

When I tried to hit the keys with my index finger it looked a bit like our fellow citizens who were born before 1965 ;-)

I would like to point out here that you can not learn to be patient!!!

You might be able to say: You can learn to endure patience, but nothing more.

For someone like me with my tired fingers a smartphone is really brilliant. A little sweep over it, and the text message is almost done.

The search for my first smartphone was a little difficult.

Many things which I buy I pick because of handling and key chain suitability so that they don’t fall down immediately.

I am “Lord of the key chains”, see older blogpost.

(Picture is not faked!!!)

Newton, you know who I mean, the guy with the apple, has fallen in disgrace already for years.

When I searched for a “Rollinator-Tetra-suitable Smartphone” I noticed that these phones compared to a regular cell phone don’t have a loop any more to hang them on one of my beloved key chains.

The sales clerk suggested fastening a key chain to the slots of the speaker on the cover…

This won’t last for 2 minutes with me!!!

The chance of survival for a smartphone without Rollinator-fall protection is highly estimated below 5 days.

Before I had a Samsung offroad cellphone, with a giant loop and extremely robust, but with no special functionalities.

Thus I bought the Samsung S3 offroad smartphone, but brought it back after a weekend of installation work because it constantly crashed…!!! For once, I don’t mean the device, but the software. Additionally the internal memory of 100 MB was just enough for 25 apps, ridiculous…

So better the regular S3 (by now I knew the handling), but with a solid leather or silicone cover and key chain. There should be some suitable accessories available for me..

Even after days of extensive search in stores and internet I couldn’t find a cover on which I could hang a key chain!!!

Would the producers want the phones to regularly fall down???

So I had to help myself…!!!

The solution was so simple… I bought a standard leather cover and punched my key chain hole into it myself with my office hole puncher.

Smartphone with self-made fall protection

Please note the display: Model 386 SX 12MHz ;-)

There is actually a smartphone cover with key chain loop available, see below…!!!
There is actually a smartphone cover from Samsung available, thanks to Mark for the tipp:
The cover is an original Samsung accessory, the loop is quite good, and because of the rubber cover it doesn’t slip away easily…
Without cover it was regularly lying on the floor, and I thought it was a pity that the loop for the key chain was missing… I bought it here:

It is available in different colours… Important it is original Samsung… The “no names” don’t really fit tight to the phone.

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War inside the Internet

Monday, January 6th, 2014

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