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Quadriplegic Tips XVI

Thursday, May 13th, 2010


With my finger function the opening of envelopes is really trying my patience. I simply can’t open the


uninjured, undamaged or prompt. My shredder is usually not far away!!!
If you put a nail file in the

cutlery holder (see older blogpost)

it turns into an

excellent letter opener.

Let’s take it for granted that you can use the

nail file

in the cutlery holder coincidentally for


as well.

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Quadriplegic Workshop III

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010


You have probably noticed already that I am a self-confessed pedant in the technical area.

I am very lucky that my family and friends again and again take their time to realize my sometimes a bit weird ideas in the area of technical aids.
It is hardly possible to do this myself with my handicap.

At this stage many, many thanks.

If I wouldn’t have this kind of help my technical aids would be a lot more basic.

Here is a great idea how you can help yourself as quadriplegic with the most simple means.
The tie wrap on the phone has amongst others the reason to hang the phone over the brake of the wheelchair.

Thank you for the tip, I need more of these!!!

Even I can write serious blogposts.
Where have my pills gone?

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Quadriplegic Tips Part IX

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009


I dare to state globally that there are no

wheelers which are not exempt from paying TV licensing fee

in Germany.
Due to this fact the program is probably that bad. I confess myself guilty as program Grinch.
Never mind.
We quadriplegics probably don’t pay any TV licensing fee just because we don’t manage it anyway to hold such a high gloss TV guide, let alone to pick the magazine up. Therefore it happens again and again that due to lack of knowledge we are watching a

scripted reality show

on private TV, instead of

The love life of grapevine snails

on the documentary channel.

With a big

binder clip


from the stationery shop around the corner, the basic right for

TV program knowledge

should be provided again.
Alternatively I can offer a do-it-yourself course with a hole puncher and a key chain.

Now you shouldn’t miss the next episode of Mc Gyver again.

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Quadriplegic Tips Part VIII

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009


It is in the nature of the quadriplegics that we are spreading chaos all the time. Paper is lying around everywhere. To file the paper piles reasonably I am introducing the world’s first:

tie wrap fishing hanging files

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QuadriplegicTips Part VII

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009


I have made all the time

Crash tests

with my new telephones.

Quite robust these things. :-)

A bit of double-faced adhesive tape and my beloved

non-slip reel

(see older blogpost) can work miracles….

Strong like a tiger, clever like Mc Gyver!

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