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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks LIX

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016


Empty detergent bottle to be used as “One-Hand Salt Shaker”

The topic of how to get through winter in a Rolli has been on my mind for quite a while (see earlier articles).

In one of these former articles, I advised putting salt in front of your car before the snow arrives, so that the wheelchair would not slip away while getting in and out.

I always salt my wheelchairramp (ski slope) at the front door at the same time.

One can easily imagine how “professional” it looks when a wheelchairdriver balances a bucket full of salt on his knees and tries to spread it on the driveway. This really does not work well!

One thing’s for sure, the seat cushion on the chair as well as other “sensitive parts” will no longer freeze.;-)

After years of research the Rollinator team finally found a solution.

One-Hand Salt Shaker

(special wheelchairdriver)


The One-Hand Salt Shaker stands out with its ergonomic form, which allows the user to aim more accurately when spreading the salt using only one arm.

You can pretty much modify any empty liquid detergent bottle. However, I advise against those XXL-supersize bottles because of the excessive weight. During laboratory trials wheels burst and users got thrown out of their vehicles (just kidding).

To fill the salt shaker, a proven method is simply rolling a newspaper, advertisement, brochure etc. to make a quick funnel. ;-)

To prevent the salt shaker from dropping you could attach a key chain to the handle and hang the bottle around your neck as some sort of a trophy – but don’t get strangled… !!!

The special One-Handed Salt Shaker is also 98.74 % pedestrian and walking frame user friendly.

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(Deutsch) GrĂĽner Pfeil

Monday, November 21st, 2016

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Technical Aids Tips und Tricks XLVIII

Monday, November 21st, 2016



Most of the wheelchair users know the problem with the swollen feet. During the day they swell and at night they go down again. However, this process of up and down was never a satisfactory one and it eventually ended just last summer when for the first time in my eight and a half years in a wheelchair I couldn’t get my feet in to my shoes anymore at all – although these were already two sizes up.

I have never used anti embolism stockings, because as a Tetra with plenty of discomfort in my feet I couldn’t possibly put them on by myself.


Sport Lange carries compression stockings especially designed for runners.


I have them put on in the morning and wear them if necessary until the next morning. No more swelling of the feet during the day! I cannot remember in the last nine years having had such slim feet. Of course, I don’t want to discourage anyone from wearing their anti embolism stockings but for anyone in the same situation as I, compression stockings are the way to go!

Where to buy:

Online at eBay or Amazon
Sports supply store
or at James & Nicholson for 8.75€

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Winter Special

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Here is a collection of links with tips and odd stories around the subject winter. Sorry, but not all blogposts referred to are translated yet!!! More to follow…

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Eigude Shame XXXI

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

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