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Chock Part XIV

Monday, March 9th, 2015


Frankfurter StraĂźenverkehrsamt (Frankfurt Department of Transportation, FDT)

” finally lowers new “lowered pavement”… !!!

Everybody who is somewhat familiar with Frankfurt am Main knows that the new tram line 17 that was built in the district of Sachsenhausen is running since January.

During the construction months the big intersection Stresemannallee-Kennedyallee, to which I live close by, became an “adventure playground” for people like me.

From the beginning barrier-free construction was planned, of which in the next few years I should benefit greatly. The city of Frankfurt and the Dept. for Public Transportation is currently investing millions for the accessibility, what is absolutely commendable.

However, back in November I was kind of speechless, when I tried to cross the street with the Rolli and couldn’t make it up the “supposedly” lowered curb of one of those main traffic islands.

On the left side the curb was at least 10 cm high and inclined to about 5 cm, so that the Rolli was on three wheels only and I almost unintentionally had to leave my vehicle.

So I went by the running traffic on the bicycle lane next to the island, which was more like a daring challenge for a wheeler…

On the other side of the same island a “specialist” ever so skillfully sawed off a piece of the curb, which made me fear the sharp edge could cause a flat tire.

I approached the construction workers several times and the engineer in charge called me at home to discuss my complaint. He promised to look into the matter, but nothing happened for weeks.

Once in a while I inquired with the Frankfurt StraĂźenverkehrsamt (FDT), but as I now know they were not directly responsible for the traffic island.

By the end of February, the curb unfortunately had not automatically lowered itself; I had a dentist appointment and once again needed to use the intersection.

With some reservations I took the bike lane again, when a car went by so awfully close that I felt its side mirror on my jacket.

That was too much!
With a bit of effort I managed to get a competent clerk of the FDT on the phone and explained to her how dangerous the current status is.
Ten days later I was once again at my “favorite” intersection. Much to my surprise the traffic island had been completely revised. Thanks to Mrs. R. from this sit!

Look at the difference, I am delighted.

The piece of curb “lowered by saw” I will submit to the city as a sample, lol … !!!! ;-)

Because of somebody’s effort, the other side of the curb was also replaced.

In the last few years I have seen time and time again, that everybody can make a difference. If you see deficiencies speak with the people in charge. Often it is easier to change something than you might think.

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Signs Part VI

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Eigude Shame Part XX

Monday, December 19th, 2011


What is an absolute “must” just before Christmas?

Of course a visit to the premises of the nearest post office. Because a queue down to the street needs to be anticipated winter clothing is advisable. It was unbelievable, but after a bit of honking even the second handicapped parking space was free and I had the pole position, see Opel Astra on the left.

I even was a bit disappointed, no queue in the cold, and I was so heavily dressed…!!!

After 20 minutes I was outside again, ran over nobody’s feet and didn’t exchange any business cards, that was quicker than in the summer!!!

It would have been almost a perfect mail collection day if they didn’t have had this stoned construction engineer who designed the ramp without barriers, but not without joints (in the meaning of gaps). This drip moulding has a great design :-(

It is quite special if you get stuck in a gully hole on a

stroller-and-wheelchair ramp

and hence break your second leg.

Do I have to present a petition for “jointless drip mouldings on wheelchair ramps” to the German Bundestag (parliament)???

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Eigude Shame XVIII

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011


Today some innovative ideas of my city Frankfurt/Main!!!

Gully cover

in road construction usually are built kindly with “slots” in travel direction. In this case so that the wheeler can drive into the slots with his front tyres and doesn’t roll away when he is waiting for the lift. Unfortunately it was forgotten to illuminate the “waiting gully”, but this will certainly be realized in the next few days.

We wheelers are happy about every piece of cobble stone. It is better for us than some medication. The jolting supports the digestion at its best.

Thus especially commendable is this

“New Disabled Parking Place”

It was designed according to the latest findings from the handicap area. Please note the joints between the stones which probably were not closed on purpose so that the wheelchair doesn’t roll away when getting out of the car. After getting out you keep “standing” safely next to the car. The different heights of the stones facilitate the car-floor-transfer, because the wheelchair is standing ergonomically on 3 wheels. Especially commendable is that the curbs are on grade neither to the street nor to the pavement, so that curb jumping can be practiced.

The width of the joints exactly match the size of the wheelchair tyres, somebody really took great efforts.

Thank you road traffic department Frankfurt, I am proud of you!!!

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Eigude Shame XIII

Thursday, January 6th, 2011


Some fellow patients who were lying with me in the same hospital room for months permanently stated that I had to go to the sleep laboratory.
My wife has the same opinion, and I agree with her because I wake up every now and then from my own

“slight rattling”.

The Guinness book of records lists snoring of 93 decibel what is corresponding to the noise level of a busy highway (source Wikipedia).

Because I didn’t want to break this record I had to do something.
I got a case from my doctor, a mobile sleep laboratory, that means that you fix a black box around your belly at home in bed at night and wire yourself up. Good night.

Based on these results I was admitted to the hospital.
I had the suspicion that it could be a well-disguised compulsory hospitalization. There might be plenty of reasons!

Sleep laboratory at night, normal ward during the day.
Yesterday I went to the hospital to express various special wheelchair requests. Rest periods, menu sequence…

The hospital already left a permanent impression before I was even inside. At the main entrance there is a great

wheelchair ramp,

but no lowered curb.

Although the gateway on the right side of the main entrance is usable as wheelchair driver, it might be dangerous as it is quite uneven and not on grate.

If you get overrun by a car or do a backflip after curb jumping at least the way to the hospital is not very far.


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Eigude Shame Part X

Saturday, December 11th, 2010


As wheelchair user you are happy about each lowered curb which is not blocked by a parking car.

The city of Frankfurt/Main has its own ideas about the construction of this curb lowering.

At the riverside with the museums the street and pavement were re-built quite costly.

The rain channel of the street now consists of three rows of cobble stone.

Looks nice, but nothing more. I usually call such spots

“Wheeler’s death”.

You descend the anyway rather high lowered curb, the front tyres get stuck in the joints of the cobble stones, and you empty yourself like a pushcart onto the street.

Thank you Frankfurt!

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Eigude Shame Part XI

Thursday, December 9th, 2010


The perspective is a bit misleading, but this is a lowered curb with wheelchair catching device.

This new

gully cover

has probably been sponsored by the shoemaker who has his shop in 20 meters distance. The 30 broken heels per day will help him easily through the economic crisis.

(Mörfelder Landstraße / Stresemannallee Frankfurt a.M.)

Now in the winter when the gully cover is covered with snow the profit doubles.

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Eigude Shame Part XII

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010


This extremely steep

“lowered curb “

is representatively next to the main entrance of the youth hostel. It has 600 beds and a special wheelchair apartment.

It makes immediately a great impression on each wheelchair using tourist if you need help already at the first curb when you are heading to town. The other side of the street is equally “wheelchair friendly”.

Thank you Frankfurt!

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