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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks LV

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks LIII

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks II (Blogpost 2009)

Friday, October 25th, 2013


The transport of items of all kind is horror for us wheelers, especially if they are round!
Thighs are completely unsuitable for carrying pomaceous fruit.
The high art of German engineering has brought it to light after years of research:

the plum transport box for wheelers


The resemblance with an egg carton is misleading!

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Technical Aids for Quadriplegics Part XII

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013


It doesn’t always have to be the expensive aids from the medical supply stores which make one’s life easier.

If you have finger motor functions as if you are wearing boxing gloves the little metal clip on the toast packaging becomes your object of hate.

These clips are “Newton’s” best friend.

For some time, I am only using re-usable

plastic fasteners

for plastic bags.

Simply great, these little clips.

They are available in some supermarkets or for little money at the yellow Swedes!

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XXVIII

Friday, January 18th, 2013


The medically proven positive effect of hop blossom ice tea, or disdainfully just called beer, is generally known.

“Cold wheat soup” dope

is extensively carried out, especially in Bavaria with state recognition.

If you are not able to remove the crown cap of the medicine bottle any more due to the paralysis of your hands, illness, stroke or too much doping, there is only one thing to help, the


Source of supply of this ingenious aid without medical device number is amongst others

the company

I have already reported about their knife holder (see older blogpost).

Here is a link to other helpful special openers:

Type I bottle / jar opener

Type II bottle / jar opener

2. self-developed technical aid, my medicine bottle opener

Type I canpull opener

Type II can opener

Security advice: Too much doping can influence the driving characteristics of your wheelchair substantially.

Special thanks to Technical Aids Stuntman Ochim, who immediately volunteered to test the opener with video evidence.

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XLVIII

Friday, November 2nd, 2012


Since I am rolling through the world for 5 years now, I have another enemy besides disabled parking place occupiers, namely doors.

These mostly white pieces are slowly turning into a phobia.

Not so easy to pull the door shut when you are standing… eh, sitting in your own way.

Hold the handle tight, roll backwards and mind not to fall forward if possible, or to do a backflip with the wheelchair.

In hospital I already had a long ribbon with which I was always fishing for the door handles. This ribbon is still hanging on the door of my flat and is serving its purpose.

I hate my own kitchen door, it is one meter wide. I only say:

No arms, no cookies…!!!

Only the door knows why I haven’t hung such a ribbon on my beloved kitchen door during the last 4 years.

The blue-yellow nordic timber worms offer drawer handles in all designs, sizes and colours. There were no more hurdles for the

kitchen door tuning.

A mate has screwed such a handle on my favourite door from the inside.
Now I can eventually close the door even when I am already standing in the corridor.

Because the screws have to be very long I recommend to immediately take threaded bars (on IKEA handles mostly thread M4), and saw it off to size only at the end.

If you leave the bars a bit longer you can even mount two towel hooks at the inside on the door.

Tip, always drill the holes from outside to inside and use an air level.

Looks a bit like a towel rail, I like it. Next, the door of my flat will be refurbished.

Before spot-drilling the entrance door it can’t do any harm to integrate the landlord in selecting the handles.

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Technical Aids for Quadriplegics Part X

Thursday, September 27th, 2012


One of the biggest difficulties for us quadriplegics is opening screw caps of jars and bottles.

The variant to beat them up with a hammer or to throw the jars and bottles in the easiest way on the floor to open them is working excellently, but proved out to be inefficient in practice after a longer test phase.

I have reported already several times about special openers, (see older blogposts).

As self-confessed roamer on websites of the most different online medical supply stores I have found two new models made from silicone. The sunflower bottle opener

Model Geniosa

is working quite well, but needs getting used to. The

blue jar opener

has convinced me completely with its splines on the in- and outside whereby it gets a good grip, and is in my opinion even a little bit better than its competitor product of the company Dycem, whose products I think are excellent.

Source of supply of both items at www.dein-sanitä

I assume no responsibility for an aching head on the next day after an extensive test series of the openers with e.g. a bottle of vodka and a jar of figs ;-)

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks Part LI

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012


As offered on my front page, you can ask me all kinds of questions relating to technical aids, para- or quadriplegia etc. using

I always try to answer these questions independently and free of charge.
Depending on the handicap the usually easiest activities become small and big challenges.

There are no problems, there are just challenges and a big challenge is a project.

Recently I received a most interesting enquiry, original text:

Because I am hemiplegic on the right side, you might know how I can stir the contents of a cooking pot on the stove without the pot stirring as well.

Maybe you have FINALLY an answer to that question!

I discussed with highly qualified colleagues to find a possible solution.
After several weeks of intensive research we came up with two solutions.

Option 1:
For e.g. sauce Bolognese you don’t only buy 500g of minced meat, but at least 2 kg, so that due to the gravitational force of the earth and the law of mass inertia according to Newton, at simultaneous roasting of the 2 kg meat with non-excessive stirring, the pot on the stove will not stir as well.

Option 2:

Silicon pot holders

Currently you can buy these again at the big coffee roaster (2 pieces for 4,95€).

You can not only use them as pot holders.

According to manufacturer instructions the pot holders can also be used as trivet.
They would be temperature-resistant until 230 degrees Celsius.

These are referred to in our specially developed

Glass ceramic stove top one arm pot stirring method

Before cooking, one of the silicon pot holders is placed next to the glass ceramic stove top.

If you feel the need to protect the hopefully later delicious food from the roasty flavour and stir the contents of the pot, you just pull the pot on one handle with one arm half or a little more on the silicon pot holder.

If the pot is pulled completely on the pot holder there will be difficulties with pulling it back to the stove later.
Now you can stir, stir, stir,… with one arm to your heart’s content without the pot stirring as well.

Then you pull the pot again back to the stove.

Sounds easy, and it is ;-)

Best try it before with the stove switched off.

These silicon pot holders are also perfectly suitable as non-slip mat and allegedly as jar opener as well.
Best technical aid in my opinion to open jars and bottles, see older blogpost.

Security advice:
I strongly advise against placing especially cast-iron and other pans and pressure cookers on the silicon pot holders because they may exceed the maximum temperature of 230° C.
Never place the pot holders on the stovetop!!!
Application of the tip on your own risk, I assume no liability.

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks Part L

Monday, May 7th, 2012


I have found a great technical aid to open canned staple food, with fish, instant noodles, goulash soup, wieners, Coke, Bed Rull, beer and cider.

The Canpull opener was awarded with a design prize, the unofficial Oscar for household items of all kind.

One reason more for an extensive Rollinator test as I always had ambivalent feelings towards designer parts. From experience, unfortunately modern appearance and functionality rarely fit together.

This is not the case with the

Canpuller and Soda Snap

With one side

dog, cat and human food cans

can be opened tetra easily.

A small plastic nose clicks into the ring-pull of the can so that the Canpuller doesn’t slip off when it is bent for opening. This is working without problems.

Unfortunately the Canpuller doesn’t help against the burning lips if three chilli peppers are displayed on the “devil’s goulash” can. I am currently a little handicapped.

The other side of the award winner is suitable to open beverage cans in record time.

Thus you can pass an opened can of Prosecco to your colleague even after the eight successful test series with hop blossom ice tea cans of which the content was professionally disposed into the gorge.

This can opener is a well-thought-out and functional technical aid.

Source of Supply:

I give to the Canpuller 4,5 out of 5 possible Golden Steering Forks.

Half a steering fork had to be deducted because manual hands-on is still necessary.

Another type of can opener, (see older blogpost).
An ingenious bottle opener, (see older blogpost).

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Technical Aids Tips und Tricks XLVIII

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012


I am currently testing a technical aid, it is a

Knife Holder

of the company

This holder has been developed mainly for quadriplegics like me with limited or no finger function.
You notice immediately that this part has been built by insiders, it has been really well-thought on.

The knife is fixed at the hand adaption. The holder is dishwasher safe.

There is no finger function necessary to use it.

I was convinced by the knife holder already after the first test.
With the weight of your own arm only you have already a strong pressure with the knife on the evenly to be sliced test objects, in this case out of pork.
The cutting could be done without effort.

My first test was not representative yet because thanks to the cooking skills of my wife the test samples to be cut were tender pieces of pork fillet.

Now I was in a dilemma: To complete the test series I had to try to cut tough meat as well!!!

To order a steak “well done” is against my nature, I am not a Botswanian who empirically puts a steak 20 minutes on the barbecue until it is dead for the 2nd time.

I decided that it wasn’t necessary to test if it would be possible to cut a tough piece of meat with the special knife or not. I wouldn’t like to eat it then anyway.

An appointment in the test lab “Charisma” in Frankfurt was made to come to a final conclusion.

As you can see on the picture the test object in this case was a beef steak with fried onions, fried potatoes and for the better gliding of the knife, a little herb butter.

The cutting of the meat was done extraordinarily well, I didn’t expect that.

The knife is very sharp, and the knife holder convinces all along the line.

It has to be decided on an individual basis to what extent the purchase of this technical aid makes sense.

I am convinced by this technical aid.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have a medical device number, thus only suitable for self-payers, whereas the price is absolutely fair.


Have a look at the older blogpost with my self-developed electric


(Click here for blogpost with video) ;-)

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Technical Aids Tips und Tricks XLI

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011


After a few months in the hospital you get on rather friendly terms with nurses and physicians.

Of course a little piece of humour belongs to it as well.

If one as quadriplegic (spinal injury in the cervical area) like me can’t use arms and hands in an efficient way any more, spaghetti are not the favourite type of pasta.

One day the nurse came with the lunch, it was spaghetti, put it on my bedside table and was waiting for my comment if he could cut the pasta for me.

He was waiting for the comment in vain. I tried to eat these long objects by myself, have to see it sportingly, luckily I was not hungry…

It was a perfect show!!!

At some time a physician came into the room and watched this scenario with the pasta and me slightly grinning, but didn’t propose to cut the pasta neither, and I wasn’t keen on asking her.

I said to her that next time when the food is spaghetti again I would be motorised. I would only need two tie wraps to fix a fork. But had the suspicion that my milk frother would be a little bit too fast. We both had some fun. She didn’t seriously believe the thing about motorisation.

I only thought: You don’t know me!!!

Have a look yourself, one week later the

9,5 Volt Spaghetti Tetra Fork

About risks and generated injuries please contact your physician, nurse or nearest do-it-yourself-store staff.

Addendum: Construction manual for spaghetti tetra bit by popular request.

Saw a standard fork off and forge it flat. Really flat.

Saw approx. 5 cm off an M6 Allen key and weld it lengthwise to the fork stump. Not to the tine, I know it can happen!!!

Polish the welding seam with a one hand angle grinder. If possible keep a little bit of the welding.

Balance the bit at low speed on a drill press with a rubber mallet like a car tyre. Placing additional weight is not absolutely necessary.

Buy a cordless electric screwdriver with very low rotation speed, otherwise the special fork can be used to whip cream.

Boil spaghetti, and it’s done.

Safety instruction: Don’t start screwdriver with fork brought into the mouth, otherwise only the dentist will be happy.

Have fun with dotting your flat red!

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Technical Aids for Quadriplegics

Thursday, November 11th, 2010


With my buckled Tetra fingers I can’t open cans any more.

I think that I might succeed some day with this

plastic bow


The can is standing on a non-slip mat (see older blogpost).

The leverage is considerable.

The opener is distributed by the Company Brix Denmark.
The company produces other openers as well.

With this part it should be possible to open an

Eintracht- Frankfurt Adlerschoppe


It is incomprehensible to me why the plastic bow is called J-Popper.
Let’s think about it…

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Quadriplegic Tips XIII

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010


Here comes a for insiders quite well-known technical aid!!!

I will call it

Angle knife.

It’s a mystery to me how you can cut something with this knife without hurting yourself.

A first aid plaster dispenser on the handle would probably make some sense.

I would have to try to grip this sharp construct with two hands, and before the sausage should be nailed down to the table.

OK, enough nagging.

Look at it, maybe it can help some of you!

One might possibly change tyres with it.

I better shouldn’t have mixed Novalgin with Vodka.


Read the blogpost

Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XLVIII

about a really good quadriplegic special knife

from the company

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Quadriplegic Tips XII

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010


The personal enemy of the quadri-(aka tetra-)plegic is, hardly to believe, the:

Tetra Pak beverage carton

These things are so smooth that it is hardly possible to decently pour something into a glass.

I was owning this

metal holder for Tetra Paks

already a couple of years before my accident.

It was revitalised from my

kitchenware graveyard

and does a good job for me now.

If somebody knows the source of supply of this extremely useful equipment, please send a short e-mail to me.
Have a look on to your kitchenware graveyard, maybe 10-15 pieces are lying around there which you have in excess?

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks II

Thursday, December 17th, 2009


Der Transport von Gegenständen aller Art ist uns Rollifahrern ein Gräuel, besonders wenn sie rund sind!
Oberschenkel sind gänzlich ungeeignet zur Beförderung von Kernobst.
Die hohe deutsche Ingenieurskunst hat sie nach jahrelanger Forschung herausgebracht:

Die Pflaumentransportbox fĂĽr Rollifahrer


Die Ähnlichkeit mit einem Eierkarton täuscht!

Hier geht’s,…ääh..fährt man zur